Ben Carson: Michelle Obama 'would be formidable' if she chooses to run against Trump

Ben Carson: Michelle Obama 'would be formidable' if she chooses to run against Trump

Ben Carson says Michelle Obama 'would be formidable'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 28/02/2024

- 14:32

Obama appears to be popular amongst voters

Ben Carson has tipped Michelle Obama to run for President, saying she would be a “formidable opponent” for Donald Trump.

The ex-United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development spoke on suggestions the former First Lady could be pitted against Trump as concerns continue to mount over Joe Biden’s ability to carry out the tasks required of a Commander-in-Chief for another four years.

Obama appears to be popular amongst voters and recently topped a poll on who Democrats want to stand on November 5 if Biden opts to drop out.

Carson told Nigel Farage on GBN America that he is “hopeful” she remains out of the spotlight as she would be a “formidable” opponent for any Republican.

Michelle Obama and Ben Carson

Michelle Obama would be a 'formidable' opponent, claims Ben Carson


“She’s living a pretty luxurious life”, Carson said.

“To come back under the microscope would be quite a sacrifice.


Donald TrumpDonald Trump has faced a series of legal challenges REUTERS
Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage speaks on GBN America


“I don’t know if she is willing to do that. I hope not, because she would be formidable.”

Farage agreed with the comments regarding Obama’s life away from politics, saying he and her husband, Barack, “must have a great life”.

“They’re treated as celebrities”, he said.

“They’ve got plenty of money. I agree with you, but you never know because we could say the same about Donald Trump.

“Trump has got these wonderful golf courses here and in Scotland, a loving wife, kids that are very supportive.”

Carson went on to comment on what he thinks a second presidential term for Trump would look like, saying it would look “very different”.

Explaining, he said: “He can’t run again. He won’t feel obligated to respond to every little thing that comes up and can concentrate more on trying to make America great again.”

He added that age concerns surrounding Trump are to be disregarded as he is “as sharp as he ever was”.

Commenting on the 77-year-old, he said: "He is as sharp as he ever was", he said.

"He had a gaffe recently but who doesn't do that? It was an isolated incident."

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