'We used to call this slavery': White woman slammed for taking in family of migrants who she referred to as 'your own personal chef'

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A white woman from Boston has been slammed for taking in a family of migrants from Haiti who she refers to as her chefs

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 14/02/2024

- 22:58

Lisa Hillenbrand has welcomed Wildande Joseph and her family to her home Brookline, Massachusetts

A white woman who has taken in a family of Haitian migrants whom she refers to as her “own personal chefs” has been slammed online.

Lisa Hillenbrand, from Boston, welcomed Wildande Joseph, her husband and her daughter – all migrants from Haiti - to her home Brookline, Massachusetts.

Previously, the family of three had been sleeping on the floor at Boston Logan International Airport and then at a children’s hospital, where the child had been admitted after falling ill.

Since welcoming the family into her Brookline home, Hillenbrand has rejoiced in their presence. She said that she feels like she has her own personal chef because Wildande loves to cook.


The family of three have moved in with Hillenbrand in Brookline


Speaking to NBC Boston, Hillenbrand said: “It's a delight, and it's really fun having them. What I realized is there's so much prejudice against refugees mostly because people don't know them.

“They are hardworking, they want to learn, they want to be successful, and I feel great helping and I get to understand the refugee crisis from the inside.”

The Josephs reportedly have work permits and are looking to gain employment in the US. They are also understood to be taking English lessons whilst they stay at Hillenbrand’s home.

The couple’s daughter has supposedly settled in well and taken kindly to Hillenbrand, greeting her every morning with a smile, the news outlet reports.


However, not all have been as receptive to Hillenbrand’s hospitality, with many flocking to social media to comment on the living arrangements.

Joey Mannarino, a conservative political strategist, said: “Slavery by a different name.”

A social media user added: “My first thought was that this sounds like slavery. Disgusting!”

A second echoed these sentiments, posting: “We used to call this slavery.”

Someone typing at their laptop

The living situation has caused an outcry of shock online


“They are getting servants for free!! Meanwhile, struggling Americans and homeless vets get no help,” a third added.

However, not all were as sceptical of Hillenrbrand’s intentions with her house guests.

One posted: “Lol, it's called contributing to the household. You expect the host family to do all their cooking, cleaning, and errands while the illegals sit on the couch & watch TV? They should be helping out!

Whilst a second added: “Good for them, this is how charity should be (voluntary). People helping each other out. This isn’t virtue signalling, they’re walking the walk and taking action. People comparing this to slavery need to take a step back for a minute.”

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