Ukraine war has depleted munition stocks in UK, says Defence Minister

Ukraine war has depleted munition stocks in UK, says Defence Minister
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 25/04/2024

- 08:50

James Cartlidge outlined one of the key reasons that Defence spending has to increase

Supplying munitions to Ukraine has depleted the UK’s stockpiles and that is one of the key reasons why defence spending has to increase, according to Defence Minister James Cartlidge.

He said on GB News: “It's not just putting more money into the armed forces. I as the defence minister have a duty to ensure that that money is spent prudently and effectively.

“And the first thing I would say there's been huge support for the way that the UK has stood by Ukraine providing huge numbers of munitions, Storm Shadow [missiles], tanks and so on. But I think the public wants to know that in doing that we are replenishing our own stocks and munitions.

“That's why a top priority of this extra spending is £10 billion more for munitions. This will enable us to increase our stockpiles but also to invest in the UK defence industry which supports jobs and prosperity around the country.”

He added: “With effective procurement, and I've had the pleasure to set out a radical new reform of our procurement system, it’s called the Integrated Procurement Model.

“It will get rid of a lot of the bureaucracy and I do believe will lead to better procurement. But of course, to do that, you also need the funding.

“It's a really big, positive week for the British armed forces. And I think that is the single most important thing, sending that positive message to those who serve on the frontline.”

He also said that recruitment was on the rise: “I'm pleased to say in January, we actually had the largest number of applications to join the army for six years.

“We do have a huge amount of interest because of the mission and what's happening in the world, lots more people wanting to join the armed forces.”


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