Sabina Rizvi’s killer’s accomplices MUST be named, demands mother as he returns to the streets

Sabina Rizvi’s killer’s accomplices MUST be named, demands mother as he returns to the streets
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 14/06/2024

- 14:25

A mother whose daughter was shot and killed in what a judge described as ‘being akin to a contract killing’ has said she wants the murderer to reveal the names of his accomplices.

Sabina Rizvi’s killer, Paul Asbury, has now been released and her mother Iffat Risvi says that he should not have been granted parole without providing names of the others involved in the shooting.

Speaking to GB News Iffat Rivzi said: “It’s totally unjustified and I do think that they have undermined the judge who sentenced him because the judge’s comments were that he has to serve a minimum 20 years tariff before he could actually submit a parole application.

“We have just been left totally devastated because we have been campaigning for the last 21 years to have Sabina’s inquest resumed, because normally an inquest takes place within six months of somebody who's convicted. It was closed under the table without anybody notifying us.

“The inquest has been resumed and Paul Asbury was approached to be an interested person to help the judge in the inquest and he refused.

“Soon after I'm notified by the national probation service that he has submitted an application to be released into an open prison.

“There is already a law - Helen's law. Helen's law said any prisoners who is withholding information in regards to the victims, they should not be released.

“But that actually only goes as far as children and remains but there is a clause in there that says if a prisoner is withholding information they should not be released.

“When the parole application went in, I did challenge that. But no matter what I submitted in regard to the challenges [to the application by Asbury], everything was being ignored.

“I want him to disclose the name of the people involved in the killing. We did ask that during the parole hearing and he said that he was concerned about his safety.

“But there is one person who he has stated has died. So naming a person who has already died and who has been buried, how can he be under threat from him, so why doesn't he mention him?

“Also, there are so many things I cannot disclose which I do believe is completely outrageous. He has taken somebody’s life so why are they disclosing everything about us, the victim’s family, but everything regarding a person on licence, who has been convicted for murder, is all secret?

“It doesn’t protect the public by keeping it secret."

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