Trans madness: Police let 'hundreds' of rapists identify as women

Police officers

Police have identified them by their preferred gender despite Suella Braverman being against it

GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 07/10/2023

- 13:06

Updated: 08/10/2023

- 16:48

A Freedom of Information Act revealed that 260 'females' were referred to the Crown Prosecution Service on allegations of rape

Police have reportedly labelled hundreds of suspected rapists as women, despite Suella Braverman saying not to do so.

A Freedom of Information Act revealed the number of officers who accepted the alleged attacks’ preferred gender.

In the last four years, police have referred 260 “females” to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

An additional 209 suspects have been recorded to have an “unknown sex”, the Telegraph reports.

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This includes those who identify as non-binary.

The Home Office have insisted that police should record biological sex rather than preferred sex when doing a police report.

However, this is voluntary guidance, and each force is allowed to choose how it records gender.

CPS guidance states that rape is penetration “by a penis, therefore a women can only commit this offence as an accomplice”.

Earlier this year, trans rapist Isla Bryson was transferred to a men’s jail after initially being place in a women’s prison.

Bryson was found guilty of raping two women when she was a man and went by the ‘dead name’ Adam Graham.


After being placed in a women’s jail, Scottish Justice Secretary Keith Brown demanded an urgent review of the case following widespread outcry.

The Scottish Prison Service took the decision to stop the movement of all transgender prisoners with a history of violence against women into the female estate.

Suella Braverman slammed the practice of labelling rape suspects as women.

She told the Telegraph: “Not only is that wrong because a woman cannot legally be a rapist, but also it’s grossly insensitive and insulting to the victims of rape who are biological women,” she said.

Campaigners say the system is an “insult” to victims of sexual violence.

Dr Kate Coleman, director of Keep Prisons Single Sex, said that “the data is rendered useless”, which makes it impossible to “formulate a proper response at any level of criminal justice”.

Suella Braverman

The Home Office have insisted that police should record biological sex rather than preferred sex when doing a police report

GB News

“Sex registered at birth is the most salient variable for offending and risk,” she said. “To decide to record somebody as something else and then just pretend that is sex is just ludicrous.

“It is also an absolute travesty for the victims. If these are men being recorded as women, then these victims have had the most gut-wrenching, visceral, and accurate experience of that person’s sex registered at birth. To have that dressed up as actually no, that is a woman, is a complete betrayal.”

The CPS revealed that, since 2019, about 1.5 per cent of rape suspects referred for a charging decision were recorded by police as “female” and around 1.2 per cent “unknown”.

The data shows that in 2023 alone, 64 “females” were referred for rape to the CPS.

26 of these people were charged.

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