Sascha Bailey blasts ‘gender ideology cult’ after almost undergoing transition: ‘This is only going to grow’

Sascha Bailey blasts ‘gender ideology cult’ after almost undergoing transition: ‘This is only going to grow’

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 15/05/2024

- 22:56

Sascha Bailey was provided the means to gender transition after a ten minute consultation with a clinic

Sascha Bailey, son of world-renowned photographer David, has hit out at the "gender ideology cult" after almost agreeing to transition from male to female.

In an exclusive interview with GB News, Bailey opened up to Patrick Christys about how he fell into the 'transmaxxing' scene during the break up of his marriage.

The former model was given a ten-minute interview in a specialist gender clinic in Nagoya, where he was immediately prescribed hormone replacements after believing he was "born in the wrong body".

Speaking on Patrick Christys Tonight, Bailey claimed vulnerable people who are looking to transition are "pushed down the route far too quickly, without looking at the external factors".

Sascha Bailey

Sascha Bailey shares his story after almost transitioning into a woman

GB News

He added that society has a "major problem" with looking at transitioning "from the aesthetic angle", and described it as "trying to fit a round peg into a square hole".

When asked by Patrick if he believes this is a "very big problem" for society and why this is affecting "a lot of men" in particular, Bailey claimed that young men are "being told they are wrong and evil" all the time, and are "vilified on a daily basis".

Bailey explained: "The situation I was in where I had my masculinity challenged on a daily basis, is something that we see kind of growing in society in general for men.

"And as that's a problem that grows, I think I can either be a cis white male, or I can baptise myself in this kind of cult of gender ideology, and I can get a new label or I can become something different."

When asked by Patrick where Bailey believes he would be now if he had made the transition, Bailey admitted that he would be sat in the interview "having de-transitioned".

Bailey told GB News: "A couple of years down the line, we would be sitting here and I'd be a person who had de-transitioned. I would have lost my fertility.

"I would have lost so many things that would have made me a man. And we'd be sitting here having a very different conversation about regret. We'd be sitting here having a conversation about how all of these things were taken away from me, how the doctors didn't tell me, weren't honest with me about what happened, about me, about the loss that I would have encountered."

Bailey also admitted that he feels "very lucky" to be able to share his story, having not made the decision to transition.

Sascha Bailey

Sascha Bailey sat down with Patrick Christys for an exclusive interview

GB News

Bailey then called for more people to "stand up and speak out" about their experiences with transition and gender ideology, as it will help "provide incentive structures for people".

He said: "I have nothing to lose. I think it's so important that more and more people do stand up and talk about this.

"The only ways that we're being offered to do that right now is either joining this cult, changing everything about yourself, or joining another kind of paradigm which is all about extreme levels of toxic masculinity."

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