WATCH: Royal Navy warships damaged following crash in Bahrain

WATCH: Royal Navy warships damaged following crash in Bahrain

WATCH: The moment HMS Chiddingfold and HMS Bangor collided

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 20/01/2024

- 17:51

Updated: 20/01/2024

- 19:46

Dramatic footage showed the moment the two vessels collided

Two Royal Navy warships collided with each other causing damage to both ships.

HMS Chiddingfold crashed into HMS Bangor in what appeared to be a failed attempt to moor alongside it.

A Navy spokesperson has confirmed that no one was injured in the incident which happened in Bahrain Harbour on Thursday.

Now, an investigation has been launched into the cause of the crash. Footage captured by was posted on social media.

A damages ships hull

The damage sustained one of the two ships

Commander of Operations Rear-Adml Edward Ahlgren OBE said he was "aware" of the incident.

He said: "Thankfully nobody was hurt in the collision, but some damage was sustained.

"Why this happened is still to be established...We train our people to the highest standards and rigorously enforce machinery safety standards, but unfortunately incidents of this nature can still happen.

"I assure you that a full and thorough investigation is already under way and any changes in procedure that could prevent further incidents will be rapidly implemented. In the meantime, the UK will continue to play a key part in ensuring the safety of merchant shipping in the region."


A boat crash

The moment the two vessels collided

The Royal Navy is working with the US Navy in the Gulf region in an effort to protect Red Sea shipping from an upsurge in attacks by Houthi forces based in Yemen.

Houthis say they acting in solidarity with the Palestinian group Hamas, which is locked in conflict with Israel in Gaza.

The attacks have disrupted world trade and raised fears of supply bottlenecks.

Last week, US and British naval forces shot down 21 drones and missiles fired by the Houthi rebels.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that the US-British air strikes on Houthi rebels were "limited, necessary and proportionate."

He added that they have sent a clear message to the group’s leadership to cease their assault on commercial ships.

The strikes came from air, sea and submarine forces stationed in the region as part of the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian.

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