Quorn accused of ‘ripping off’ classic video in cringeworthy ad as creator threatens to sue

Quorn accused of ‘ripping off’ classic video in cringeworthy ad as creator threatens to sue
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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 24/08/2022

- 13:53

People on social media have described the advert as a "blatant" and "shameless rip-off" of the badger, badger, mushroom viral video

Quorn have been accused of “ripping off” a classic video in their new cringeworthy advert.

The food company posted the ad on social media to promote their new vegan chicken nuggets ‘UniQuorns’.

Alongside the video, Quorn wrote: “Don’t believe what the grown-ups told you, UniQuorns are REAL!

“Magically golden, magically crunchy, and magically vegan!”

The advert released by Quorn
The advert released by Quorn

The video shows animated unicorns which grew in number, before showing footage of a mushroom.

A song on top of the pictures repeatedly said “unicorns”, before it went on to say “mushrooms”.

But viewers were quick to hit back at the advert, accusing the firm of copying the viral video “badger, badger, mushroom”.

One Twitter user wrote: “If you think stealing something without compensating I’m sure you look forward to us all stealing your nuggets from the Asdas?”

While another said: “Shameless rip-off. See you in quort!”

The badger song creator, Jonti Picking, known on Twitter as "the weebl", described the video as a “blatant rip off.”

He wrote: “Hi. Who do I contact about the blatant ripping off of my copyrighted work this time?”

Quorn have since responded, saying: "Hey, here at Quorn, we are HUGE fans of yours and the iconic Badger, Badger, Badger (it’s been stuck in our head since 2003).

“If you could please send us a DM with your best email address and phone number, we can chat in more detail.”

A Quorn spokesperson told GB News: "While our social media team was of course inspired by the Badger Badger Mushroom video on YouTube, the creator Jonti Picking was not involved in making our ad for UniQuorns.

"We are now in positive and amicable discussions, and confident of quickly resolving the issue."

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