Pro-Palestine protesters let off flares and shut down Tower Bridge but not a SINGLE arrest made

Pro-Palestine protesters let off flares and shut down Tower Bridge but not a SINGLE arrest made

Traffic on Tower Bridge came to a standstill

Dimitris Kouimtsidis

By Dimitris Kouimtsidis

Published: 24/02/2024

- 18:30

Updated: 25/02/2024

- 09:52

Pro-Palestine protesters gathered in London for the latest round of demonstrations calling for a ceasefire in Gaza

Pro-Palestine protesters let off flares and blockaded Tower Bridge as part of their latest demonstration calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Videos have emerged on social media of protesters lighting flares and traffic coming to a standstill on the iconic London landmark.

Protesters were waving Palestinian flags, while others were banging on drums and chanting "free, free, Palestine".

City of London Police took to social media at 5:40pm on Saturday to confirm that the bridge was closed, stating: "Tower Bridge is currently closed due to protest activity. Officers are in attendance at the scene."

Stock picture of Tower Bridge with inset of demonstrations on Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge was shut down due to protests


Around 40 minutes later, the police force confirmed that the bridge had reopened, without any arrests being made.

A comment on the original social media post read: "Tower Bridge has now reopened. Thank you for your patience."

The Metropolitan Police were drafted in to help the City of London Police with containing the situation.

In a separate post, the City of London Police wrote: Tower Bridge reopened at around 6:25pm following an earlier protest. Thanks to @metpoliceuk for their assistance."


Protesters on Tower Bridge

People were seen waving Palestinian flags and chanting


This comes after MPs condemned a controversial pro-Palestine chant “from the river to the sea” that was projected onto Big Ben on Wednesday.

Beneath the slogan, thousands of pro-Palestine campaigners gathered outside the Houses of Parliaments whilst MPs engaged in a chaotic debate over a Gaza ceasefire.

The Metropolitan Police assessed the incident at the time and decided it did not constitute an offence.

However, not all MPs have sided with the force’s assessment, with some speaking out about the rising wave of antisemitism and warned threats from "Islamic extremists” were oppressing democracy.

Andrew Percy, a Conservative backbencher, voiced concerns about the “genocidal call”.

Speaking to the Commons, Percy said he feels safer in Israel than he does in the UK, saying: “Last night, a genocidal call that 'from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' was projected onto this building, that message says no Jew is welcome in the state of Israel.

“This is going to continue happening because we're not dealing with it.

“Can the leader explain to me, what will be any different and how will members vote with their hearts and their consciences, because too many will not at the moment.”

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