Drivers warning: Halligan gives 'seriously concerning' petrol price update

Drivers warning: Halligan gives 'seriously concerning' petrol price update
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 06/09/2023

- 14:06

Updated: 06/09/2023

- 14:15

GB News’ Economics and Business Editor Liam Halligan has warned drivers of rising oil prices, as new figures show petrol prices are set to reach the highest numbers so far this year.

Speaking on The Live Desk, Halligan told hosts Mark Longhurst and Pip Tomson what the increase means for British drivers.

Liam said: “I did want to mention the oil price. Look, it's not like anything specific has happened today, but oil is now knocking about around $90.00 a barrel, which is up from the low 70s back in July. And I'm concerned about that.

“I wanted to reflect that because there'll be a lot of car drivers, van drivers out there that are seeing petrol prices go up. People think of getting heating off for seeing diesel prices go up. We've talked a lot, haven't we?

“We're coming into the winter now. The kids are back at school, this winter the energy crisis could actually be pretty rough, even though most politicians are assuming it won't be.”

Halligan continued: "This is a real issue for the economy, this is going to make people at the Bank of England think should they be raising interest rates and it's going to aggravate inflation."

"These higher oil prices, they do mean that inflation is likely to be higher than otherwise would've been, as fuel costs go up."

Mark Longhurst concluded that the increase is “worrying a lot of people.”

Watch the Liam’s analysis in full above.

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