Patrick Christys brilliantly skewers swearing Just Stop Oil activist: ‘Your stunts haven’t worked!’

Patrick Christys brilliantly skewers swearing Just Stop Oil activist: ‘Your stunts haven’t worked!’

WATCH: Patrick Christys in tense clash with a sweary Just Stop Oil activist

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 17/04/2024

- 11:06

Ben Larsen defended a fellow campaigner who stopped someone from attending their father's funeral

  • Just Stop Oil are vowing more action this summer
  • COMMENT NOW - Are they justified in doing so?

Patrick Christys became embroiled in a tense row with a Just Stop Oil activist who sought to defend the actions of a fellow campaigner.

Cressie Gethin, a music student from Cambridge University, prevented a driver from attending his father’s funeral after she climbed a gantry above the M25 near Heathrow in 2022.

Speaking on GB News, Ben Larsen told Patrick Christys he supports Gethin’s actions, arguing climate change is set to ramp up the number of funerals.

“Cressie has absolutely nothing to apologise for”, he said.

Patrick Christys and Ben Larsen

Patrick Christys clashed with Ben Larsen on GB News


“There is going to be a lot more funerals if the Government pushes on with their current plans of extracting more oil and gas, burning more fossil fuels. It’s a global death sentence for so many people.

“Cressie is one of the few people who is willing to put their money where their mouth is and commit to taking actions to prevent this from happening.”


Christys interjected to pose the suggestion: “Some people would say it’s unbelievably narcissistic to force someone to miss their father’s funeral.”

He added: “If it was a cause I cared deeply about and you were on your way to your father’s funeral, and I stopped you, you would probably be a bit miffed, wouldn’t you?

“Do you not think that points to one big sense of whopping self entitlement?”

Larsen responded: “The actions Cressie took, many across the UK are planning to take similar action this summer.

Cressida GethinCressida Gethin was found guilty of causing a public nuisancePA

“If you are serious about enacting serious change, the way to do it is mass, civil resistance, it’s the way politics in this country has always changed.

“The Suffragettes didn’t get their rights by waving a placard outside Westminster.”

Patrick responded by saying: “You’re not the suffragettes, are you?

“Is that not just another astonishing level to your narcissism that you’re putting in the same bracket? History remembers the Suffragettes rather well.”

Patrick Christys and Ben Larsen

Ben Larsen joined Patrick Christys on GB News


Larsen argued that GB News would not “be on the side” of the Suffragettes were they around at the same time.

Patrick insisted this would not be the case, suggesting he would argue in favour of women being given the vote.

The argument prompted a sweary response by the Just Stop Oil campaigner, who branded it “such b*****ks”.

He added: “The actions Just Stop Oil are taking are clearly socially progressive. We’re facing mass climate breakdown.

“Crops are literally rotting in the ground. That is going to lead to mothers and fathers not being able to feed their children.

“If we’re facing 40 degrees of heat and no food in the shelves, we have to get serious.”

Patrick hit back, asking what “evidence” Larsen has that suggests Just Stop Oil’s actions are working, adding “they haven’t achieved anything”.

“Just a couple of months after Cressie blocked this motorway, Keir Starmer came out and said ‘the Labour Party are committed to no new oil and gas extraction, including from the North Sea’.

“I do not believe Keir Starmer would have done that if it were not for the brave actions of Cressie.”

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