Parking row erupts as passive aggressive notes left on car windscreens: 'Park on your own street!'

A sign left on a vehicle by an angry resident

An anonymous resident has sparked concern on British Road, Bristol after leaving aggressive notes on cars

Bristol Live
Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 10/03/2023

- 11:54

Updated: 11/03/2023

- 13:55

An anonymous resident taped signs to a number of vehicles urging them park elsewhere

A parking war has broken out on a street in Bristol after a resident left aggressive notes on car windscreens telling owners to “park on your own street”.

The long-standing row has blown up again on British Road in Bedminster with a disgruntled resident taping notes to several parked cars overnight on Saturday.

The anonymous writer claims to be leaving the notes on behalf of “the residents of British Road”.

One sign read: “Dear vehicle owner/driver, The residents of British Road have noticed that you park on this street regularly, yet do not live on this street.

Sign left on a car in Bristol

The parking row on British Road has been ongoing for several years

Bristol Live

“Please be mindful of the residents who wish to park near their own properties. We respectfully ask you to park your vehicle on the street that you live on, in future.”

Another left on an unmarked van, which had a “BT engineer on call” sign inside the vehicle read “YOU DO NOT WORK FOR BT!!!”.

One resident of British Road, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was concerned by the appearance of the signs.

“Parking is an absolute nightmare around here, and people spend a lot of time driving around looking for a space, so I understand people get frustrated, but this is a bit sinister,” she told Bristol Live.

“Whoever wrote this does not speak for everyone on this road at all. How do they know the people who own those vehicles don’t live nearby?

"Do they keep watch all the time, and then follow them to see where they go when they park up?

"As a woman driver, I’d be worried if that appeared on my car, wondering who was following me to check where I lived,” she added.

“But the main thing is, whoever posted this note doesn’t seem to realise they have no greater claim over the road outside where they live than anyone else.”

Google maps image of British Road

There is currently no parking restrictions on British Road

Google maps

“It’s not their road, it’s everyone’s. There’s no residents’ parking scheme here, there’s no restrictions, people can park where they like for however long they want.

“If this notice-writer wants to guarantee they can park their car outside their home, they need to move to a house with its own drive.”

The Bedminster parking war has been stirring for several years and appears to have got worse following the pandemic as more people work from home.

The road is located close to the Airport Bus service, so sees holidaymakers parking for free for a week or a fortnight at a time and then getting the airport bus to catch their flights.

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