Palestinian student deemed 'risk to public safety' claims she's had visa revoked after saying she was 'full of pride' at October 7 Hamas attack

Palestinian student deemed 'risk to public safety' claims she's had visa revoked after saying she was 'full of pride' at October 7 Hamas attack

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James Saunders

By James Saunders

Published: 17/05/2024

- 07:43

Updated: 17/05/2024

- 10:02

Policing minister Chris Philp had slammed Dana Abuqamar's views as 'repugnant'

A Palestinian student who said she was "full of pride... and really full of joy" after the October 7 Hamas attacks has claimed the Home Office has rescinded her visa on national security grounds.

Dana Abuqamar, 19, a law student at the University of Manchester, had been present at a pro-Palestine protest at the university the day after the attack, and told reporters her reaction - which drew condemnation from politicians.

Abuqamar told Sky News: "We are full of pride. We are really, really full of joy [at] what has happened... We are proud that Palestinian resistance has come to this point."

At the time, Policing Minister Chris Philp said "This is sick. I'm appalled that anyone holds these repugnant views."

Dana Abuqamar/Pro-Palestine protesters/Chris Philp

Policing minister Chris Philp said Abuqamar's views were "repugnant"


But now the teen - president of campus campaign group Manchester Friends of Palestine - has alleged the British Government has "violated her human rights" by revoking her student visa because she poses a "risk to public security" - an accusation she has called "baseless".

Speaking to news outlet Middle East Eye, Abuqamar claimed her comments after the Hamas attacks had been misrepresented, adding that she - plus her legal team - would be appealing against the Home Office's decision on human rights grounds.

She said: "My words were taken out of context and they were framed as me supporting harm to innocent civilians, which is completely false and completely untrue.

"The UK Home Office decided to revoke my student visa following public statements supporting the Palestinian right to exercise under international law to resist oppression and break through the siege that was illegally placed on Gaza for over 16 years.


James Cleverly/Chris Philp

James Cleverly's Home Office will not comment on her claims


"It's an outrageous claim that the Home Office is making by deeming me a national security threat.

"I am a 19-year-old who has done nothing but go to school and advocate for social justice and try and be an asset to my community.

"So saying I pose a threat to national security is a completely baseless claim."

Abuqamar jabbed that before she came to the UK, she believed "freedom of expression is a fundamental human right that's cherished here".

But, apparently, she now feels that said right does "not apply to ethnic minorities, particularly Muslims and Palestinians like myself".

She added: "We must reject the double standard in the application of human rights by public authorities and rise against this oppression."

Abuqamar has previously said 15 of her relatives have been killed in Gaza after a "missile was dropped on their three-storey residential building".

But, for now, the Home Office have refused to confirm her revocation claims; the department told GB News it is a "longstanding government policy that we do not comment on individual cases".

The Home Office said that under the Immigration Rules, entry clearance and permission to enter or stay must be cancelled if a given person's presence in the UK is "not conducive to the public good".

It defined such non-conducive behaviour as "instances where people have engaged in unacceptable or extremist behaviour, such as activity which fosters hatred which may lead to inter-community violence, or where the person is associated or has been associated with people involved in terrorism".

The Home Office added that all such decisions are taken carefully, and that it was working with the police to ensure that hate crime and the glorification of terror is met "with the full force of the law".

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