Met Police 'a JOKE' - Officers say they'll 'speak' to protestor who called for Jihad in Britain

An image from a protest in central London

Palestine protests: The Met Police says it wants to 'discourage' the use of the word Jihad

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 22/10/2023

- 09:47

Updated: 22/10/2023

- 14:41

Scotland Yard blasted for saying 'no offences' were committed at protest

The Metropolitan Police has been slammed as a “joke” after officers vowed to speak to a protester who openly called for Jihad in Britain.

Footage which has circulated on social media showed a protester from the Hizub ut Tahrir demonstration chanting “Jihad”, adding: “What is the solution to liberate people from the concentration camp of Palestine?”

Scotland Yard responded to the video recorded in central London yesterday.

The Metropolitan Police said: “The word Jihad has a number of meanings but we know the public will most commonly associate it with terrorism.

WATCH NOW: Protestors in UK call for Jihad 

“We have specialist counter terrorism officers here in the operations room who have particular knowledge in this area.

“They have assessed this video, filmed at the Hizb ut-Tahrir protest in central London and have not identified any offences arising from the specific clip.

“However, recognising the way language like this will be interpreted by the public and the divisive impact it will have, officers have identified the man involved and will be speaking to him shorty to discourage any repeat of similar chanting.”

The literal meaning of Jihad is struggle or effort but is commonly referred to when describing a bloody, holy war.

Academics say Jihad can be used to refer to a believer’s struggle to live out the Muslim faith, the struggle to build a Muslim society and the struggle to defend Islam, including with force if necessary.

An image from a separate protester of a man who the police want to get in contact with

Another protester who the police 'want to get in contact with'


Scotland Yard’s document on what constitutes a hate crime stresses that incidents can include words, pictures, videos and music.

It said: “A hate incident is any incident which the victim, or anyone else, thinks is based on someone’s prejudice towards them because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or because they are transgender.”

The document added: “The offence of incitement to hatred occurs when someone acts in a way that is threatening and intended to stir up hatred.”

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick appeared to disagree with the Metropolitan Police’s statement.

Jenrick also confirmed the Government would speak to Scotland Yard about the incident after Cabinet colleagues expressed deep concerns.

He said: “Chanting Jihad on the streets of London is completely unacceptable ... it needs to be tackled with the full strength of the law.”

Minister of State for Immigration Robert Jenrick speaking during a vigil outside Downing Street, central London

Minister of State for Immigration Robert Jenrick speaking during a vigil outside Downing Street, central London


A number of commentators also voiced their frustrations with the Metropolitan Police’s response to the video.

Stephen Pollard, editor-at-large for the Jewish Chronicle, said: “Look at the video this is responding to.

“As I keep saying, the Metropolitan Police aren't part of the solution.

“They are part of the problem. As we know in other contexts, something has gone very wrong with the Met.”

The Sunday Times' deputy political editor Harry Yorke added: “This is a joke.”

Police officers and protesters clash in Trafalgar Square during a March for Palestine in London

Police officers and protesters clash in Trafalgar Square during a March for Palestine in London


GB News commentator Darren Grimes also wrote: “Shouting ‘Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!’ won't get you arrested in Britain, but telling a copper that they look like your lesbian nan as a teenager will see six officers pound your door down.”

Nick Timothy, who previously served as a special advisor to Theresa May and is standing as the Tory candidate in West Suffolk at the next election, said: “For all the worry about misinformation and living in a post-truth world, surely the biggest problem is being told by those in a position of authority not to believe what you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears.”

Former Number 10 pollster James Johnson simply interjected: “The UK is screwed.”

Conservative MP Mark Jenkinson added: “I didn’t think the Metropolitan Police could make their handling of this any worse. I was wrong.”

A separate clip from Scotland yard showed a protester waving an Islamist flag and shouting in Arabic.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed his actions amounted to a hate crime after consulting specialist officers with relevant language skills.

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