'Contempt for British life!' Veteran furious after pro-Palestine activists admit they WON'T march through London this weekend after Armistice rally

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters attend an Armistice Day rally

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters attend an Armistice Day rally

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 17/11/2023

- 14:20

Updated: 17/11/2023

- 16:13

The next march will take place on November 25

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators will not march through London en masse this weekend, despite taking to the streets during Armistice weekend, with critics saying it shows the “organisers’ contempt for the British way of life”.

The next large national march through central London will take place the following weekend, on November 25.

Instead of a large-scale march, over 100 smaller protests in towns, villages and cities will take place.

Speaking to GB News, Colonel Richard Kemp condemned activists for choosing to hold a 300,000 protest on Armistice Day instead of tomorrow.

WATCH NOW: Pro-Palestine protesters march on Armistice Day

He said: “I think it shows the organisers’ contempt for the British way of life and their willingness to cause disruption on Armistice Day in order to garner more publicity for their cause.”

The demonstration was the biggest in the UK since the Israel-Gaza war began on October 7.

Officers made 145 arrests during the Pro-Palestinian demonstration and counter protest for offences including assault, possession of weapons, criminal damage, public order, inciting racial hatred and possession of drugs.

Organisers have cited the difficulty of coordinating massive events for every week as a reason for why no large-scale action will take place over the weekend.


“This Saturday, ordinary people across the UK will come out again to show the vast majority of them support a ceasefire,” said Ben Jamal, the director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

“They will show their solidarity with Palestinians who are suffering unimaginable harm. They will also demand the root causes are not forgotten: Israel’s decades-long military occupation of Palestinian territories and its system of apartheid against Palestinians.”

The national march – organised by PSC, Stop the War, the Muslim Association of Britain, Friends of Al-Aqsa and others – will resume next weekend.

Organisers have said they will continue to march until a ceasefire has been called.

\u200bProtesters breach police lines ahead of Armistice Day serviceProtesters breach police lines ahead of Armistice Day serviceTwitter
Police tackle protests on SaturdayOver 100 people were arrested on Armistice DayGetty Images

On Wednesday, MPs voted in Westminster on whether to call for a ceasefire or not.

The SNP led motion to stop the war ultimately failed, defeated by 125 votes to 294.

It called for an end to the "collective punishment of the Palestinian people" and urged "all parties to agree to an immediate ceasefire".

56 Labour MPs voted for an immediate ceasefire, despite Sir Keir Starmer saying anyone who does so would be sacked.

Starmer has instead backed pauses in the conflict to deliver aid.

Ten of the party's frontbenchers have left their jobs over the vote, including eight shadow minsters.

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