One dead after gas explosion at block of flats in Bedford

One dead after gas explosion at block of flats in Bedford
Bedford fire
Mark White

By Mark White

Published: 04/07/2022

- 17:53

Updated: 04/07/2022

- 18:01

People have been urged to 'avoid the area and keep windows and doors closed'

One person has been killed after an "inferno" at a block of flats in Bedford following a suspected gas explosion.

Authorities are concerned more people may have lost their lives in the blaze on Redwood Grove.

Three people including a firefighter have been hospitalised, one suffering serious injuries, following the shocking gas explosion at the block of flats.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service described the blaze as a “major incident”, while a local resident said they saw one person leap from a second-floor window to escape the burning building.

Adam Fisher, a 37-year-old sales worker whose office is nearby, said he heard a “huge explosion” before witnessing “an inferno” at the site and people screaming.

He added: "A huge explosion heard – everyone went to our work car park to see what was happening.

“Our building is adjacent to the apartment complex – immediately an inferno (was) visible, huge smoke cloud billowing, people screaming and people frantically calling for emergency services.”

Mr Fisher shared footage on Twitter which shows plumes of flame erupting from the building as fire engines showered the blaze with water.

It has been reported that there was no main gas going into the property.

But firefighters investigating the cause of the blaze say they are "working assumption is around gas" and they "can't rule out a heating stove".

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