Man hits back against strict binmen as he claims his rubbish 'identifies as non-binary green waste'

Man hits back against strict binmen as he claims his rubbish 'identifies as non-binary green waste'

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 16/01/2024

- 18:37

The joke has split opinion on social media

An Essex dad has found a unique loophole in his council's strict rubbish collection schedule by telling them his waste is non-binary.

Richard Imber, 47, from Corringham, Essex, placed the joking note on the waste saying it "identifies as green waste", to get them to take the extra rubbish.

Much to Imber's surprise, the joke worked and Thurrock Council collected the bins.

He placed the note on his bin as a last resort to get the council to take seven bags of waste stashed in his garage as he was concerned about vermin targeting the bin.

Some bins

His joke went viral on social media (stock pic)


The note placed on the bin reads: "I am non BIN ary! Today I identify as a Green bin! Please empty me!!! :o)"

Imber said: "The general waste collection is normally every week but where there's five people living in a house the rubbish starts to build up.

"We had to put the rubbish bags in the garage, the worry is that it attracts vermin.

"We had rubbish mounting up so I used the brown bin and just stuck that sticker on it and said it identifies as a green bin.

"We thought if we make a little quip about it, that it was pretending to be a green bin, then maybe the dustbin men will see the funny side and empty it for us. When I went to bring the bins in and saw it worked it felt great."


\u200bThurrock Council offices

Thurrock Council collected the bins (stock pic)


Imber shared a picture of his bin on Facebook saying: "It actually worked. They took our rubbish away in a garden bin disguised as a normal rubbish bin."

His post went viral, gaining more than 150,000 likes, shares and comments.

However, the joke split opinion, with some hailing the joke as "the funniest thing they'd seen all day", but others others were concerned "made a mockery of the trans/non-binary community".

One wrote: "A sense of humour usually gets what you want very funny", with another adding: "'I'm non-binary and that's the funniest thing I have seen this year."

Others slammed the joke however, with one stating: "Next time try doing this without insulting and disparaging the trans community", while a second added: "Ah yes, so hilarious making a mockery of the trans/non-binary community."

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: "General waste collections currently take place weekly.

There were some changes to collection days because of the Christmas and New Year bank holidays, these were advertised on our website, social media feeds and through the council's regular resident email newsletter.

"We apologise if any bins were missed or collected late during this period.

"The amount an individual taxpayer is required to pay is calculated on the banding of the property less any discounts or exemptions for the billing period."

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