Nigel Farage ‘prays’ pro-Palestinian protests don’t spoil Armistice Day: ‘No respect!’

Nigel Farage and Cenotaph

Nigel Farage ‘prays’ pro-Palestinian protests don’t spoil Armistice Day: ‘No respect!’

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Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 11/11/2023

- 10:32

Updated: 11/11/2023

- 11:41

The People’s Channel presenter issued a special message ahead of today’s events at 11am

Nigel Farage has issued a special Armistice Day message as he “prays” pro-Palestinian protesters don’t interrupt or overshadow today’s events.

The GB News presenter took to social media to share a poignant message to mark the moment the First World War ended 105 years ago.

He said it was “very sad” that politics had “got in the way” of events this year but went on to highlight why Armistice Day was so important.

“Well, it may be 105 years ago, but the 11th hour of the 11th day, of the 11th month still matters in a huge way,” Farage said.

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“That was the moment the guns fell silent on the Western front. The end of the First World War.

“Something like 20 soldiers across all sides killed in action. But of course, it all happened again just 21 years later with World War Two. And this country has been involved in many subsequent conflicts.

“So this moment at 11am today, marks a time when we think about the sacrifice made by so many people so that we can be free, so that the world can be absolutely free of tyranny.

“Well, it may not have been perfect, but for us in this country, we have had relative peace and prosperity. And in a way, this is really the most sacred moment in the whole of our national year. It matters massively.


Cenotaph in LondonPolice lock down Cenotaph ahead of Armistice Day protestsMet Police

“Now it’s very sad this year politics has got in the way. I’ve never seen it quite like this before.

“But the idea that people are out selling poppies to raise money for the Royal British Legion, who do amazing work for veterans and their families, the fact they’ve been intimidated into not going out and selling them, is very, very sad.

“When you think about it, it wasn’t just the UK that fought in those wars. We did it with all our Commonwealth friends and allies as well.

“Forty per cent of those that fought for the British Army, Air Force and Navy, didn’t come from this country. They came from India, Australia and all over the world.

“So let’s just remember the amazing contribution we’ve made to peace in the world. Let us be thankful for the life we’ve been able to live. I hope and pray this does not get disrupted by people living in this country who don’t appear to respect everything that we stand for.”

Boris Johnson

The occasion was also marked by a statement from Boris Johnson


The occasion was also marked by a statement from Boris Johnson.

The former Prime Minister and future GB News presenter said it was “more vital than ever” that this year we remember those who have died fighting in conflict, citing the return of war in Europe due to the Ukraine invasion and the rise in antisemitism following the Israel-Hamas war.

“We give thanks to all out armed forced for keeping us safe today,” he added.

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