'We don't judge!' Nigel Farage finally given bank account by Lloyds after 10 banks reject him

Nigel Farage confirms he has been accepted by Lloyds group amid debanking row

Nigel Farage confirms he has been accepted by Lloyds group amid debanking row

GB News
Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 13/10/2023

- 11:57

Updated: 13/10/2023

- 14:01

The GB News presenter has been embroiled in a debanking row for weeks

Nigel Farage has finally been accepted by the Lloyds group after being debanked by Coutts and rejected by 10 other banks.

Speaking on GB News, Farage issued a message to Lloyds and said banks should “not judge people”.

The debanking row has sparked a series of investigations, regulatory probes and consequences for UK’s top banks.

Natwest chief executive Dame Alison Rose was one such casualty of the saga after she resigned in disgrace following the revelation of the initial Coutts debanking.

WATCH NOW: Nigel Farage announces he has finally been given a bank account 

Farage said he had "virtually given up" and was "in a point of despair" after being rejected by 10 banks.

Speaking to GB News, he said: "Our corporate world has become increasingly politicised.

"The DNI agenda, the diversity and inclusion agenda and banks and other organisations signing up to some organisation called B Corps, and unless you agree with their woke philosophy, you are very much in danger of being debanked."

Coutts closed the accounts of the GB News presenter, citing concerns over his relationship with tennis player Novak Djokovic, who is opposed to Covid vaccinations, and his retweet of a Ricky Gervais joke about trans people.


They also alleged that Farage is “xenophobic and racist” in a report obtained by the former Brexit Party leader through a subject access request.

He added: "I'm pleased to say, a friend of mine who runs a banking advisory service called J9, he got in touch with me and said I think I can help.

"I said you're probably wasting your time. But no, I went and met with Lloyds and they were very clear that they do not judge people on their perfectly legally held political opinions. So I'm very pleased they've opened up bank accounts."

Following the scandal the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned that the watchdog will “act” if financial institutions wrongly deny politicians or their families access to services.

Outside of CouttsFarage was described by Coutts as a backer of Russia President Vladimir PutinPA

The former UKIP leader said: "It's really important that we get changes to legislation in this country and I would like to see this as an issue at the next election to challenge the Labour Party into also saying we need banking fairness for everybody.

"You know, politicians, leaders, mouthing words is one thing, but we really do need some action. And actually it was strange in a way because when I sort of came out, as it were, as being debanked, it was amazing how many other high profile people said the same.

"To admit to the country that you've been debanked is actually quite an embarrassing, humiliating thing to do. But now that I've done it, it's left other people free. So please, if you have been debanked, speak out. I can help you."

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