Nigel Farage blasts 'whitewash' Natwest review as 'laughable'

Nigel Farage

NatWest has admitted there were 'serious failings' in its treatment of Nigel Farage when it shut down his bank account, an independent review has found

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Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 27/10/2023

- 08:25

Updated: 27/10/2023

- 09:56

Nigel Farage's bank account closure 'did not follow the bank's policies'

Nigel Farage has slammed the findings of an independent NatWest review into the closure of his bank account as "laughable".

The GB News presenter attacked the report which "whitewashed the decision to close my accounts at Coutts Bank".

NatWest has admitted there were "serious failings" in its treatment of Farage when it shut down his bank account, the independent Travers Smith review found.

The closure of his account did not follow the bank's policies, according to the report.

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It also revealed that the bank closure was lawful under predominately commercial reasons.

However, Farage obtained a report from the Bank which indicated his political views were also considered.

He said: "The long-anticipated Travers Smith report has whitewashed the decision to close my accounts at Coutts Bank.

"This comes as little surprise to me given Travers Smith’s Emeritus Chair, Chris Hale, is a pro-Remain lawyer who once described Brexiteers as racist and xenophobic.

"The report’s authors claim it was 'predominantly a commercial decision' to close my accounts but, crucially, they also noted that evidence given to them by witnesses in relation to this episode was not entirely consistent.


"Travers Smith has taken a very mealy-mouthed approach to this complex issue. The law firm argues that my political views 'not aligning with those of the bank' was not in itself a political decision. This is laughable.

"Worse still, Travers Smith did not find 'any evidence' that my 'pro-Brexit stance were factors in the Exit Decision'. The word Brexit appeared no less than 86 times in my Subject Access Request.

"What planet are they are living on? Interestingly, though, Travers Smith has revealed that in an effort to justify the decision to exit me, my status as a Politically Exposed Person, which had been revoked in 2022, was reinstated by the NatWest Group to bolster their exit plans.

"This despite being told by Camilla Stowell, head of private clients at Coutts, that I did not have PEP status at all. Clearly, the bank’s response to this was haywire.

Nigel Farage on air

The GB News presenter attacked the report which 'whitewashed the decision to close my accounts at Coutts Bank'

GB News

"To compound matters, the letters that were sent to me confirming the closures of my accounts without explanation were sent on a paper headed template usually reserved for those suspected of fraud.

"All this says so much about the culture created by Alison Rose, who has now been found by the ICO to have breached my privacy during this scandal – something this report fails to mention at all.

"The Travers Smith report is inconclusive and ignores the elephant in the room. What really matters now is the next steps that the ICO takes and, perhaps more importantly, what the FCA, the regulator of this industry, does about this scandal."

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