Neighbour puts house on sale after bitter row over boundary with home next door becomes out of control

Neighbour puts house on sale after bitter row over boundary with home next door becomes out of control

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 17/04/2024

- 12:24

The Flachs are suing their neighbour Celia Tan after she ripped out their guttering claiming that it overhung the border between their homes

A neighbour has put her house up for sale after feuding with a couple next door over the boundary between their two homes.

Celia Tan, 57, ripped out Robert Flach and his wife Helena’s gutter, claiming it overhung the border between their homes in Ruislip, North West London.

She alleged that it crossed their boundary by a matter of “inches” and was leaking water onto her property.

However, the churchgoing Flachs asserted that the guttering is on their land as the boundary line is five inches beyond the wall separating their homes. They are now suing Tan for trespass and for the £1,880 cost of replacing the lost guttering.

Stock image of London street/For sale sign

A mother has put her house on sale after bitter row with her neighbours over the boundary between their two homes (not pictured)


In response, Tan is countersuing as she claims that the couple encouraged their daughter Maria to play the drums at a “deafening” volume whilst they attended church on Sunday mornings, and she was home alone.

The 57-year-old has now decided to put her house up for sale as she feels “unsafe”.

“These people are relentless. I can't describe how I feel in words. It's beyond words,' she told MailOnline.

“Why I deserve all this [...] treatment I don't know. I feel unsafe.”


She said her family are forced to leave the house often due to the loud volume of the drumming next door.

The Flach’s daughter sometimes plays as early as 9.00am on a Sunday morning, she alleges.

Tan, who moved to the UK from China in 1996, added: “It's so tough to go to a new country and not be treated fairly.”

She claims she has lost countless sleep due to the ordeal, which has severely impacted herself and her daughter who live in the £850,000 house.

As the case began, Judge Alan Saggerson warned that whoever loses the case could be “pouring £150,000 down the drain” in legal costs.

The neighbours are also arguing over fences in the front and rear garden.

Ruislip, West London

The feuding neighbours live in Ruislip, West London


According to the Flachs' barrister Adam Swirsky, Tan has “gradually over time moved your boundaries at the front and at the back further over into the Flachs' property” - a claim she denied.

Their 57-year-old neighbour is countersuing for £85,000 in compensation for an alleged reduction in the value of her home caused by trespass, encroachment and damage.

In addition, she is also seeking an injunction banning the Flachs from placing “intrusive CCTV” near her home.

Central London County Court heard Tan's daughter Rebecca Edge give evidence that the Flachs would leave their daughter at home playing the drums on Sunday mornings.

Helena Flach replied “Maria was at the local school where she was playing drums. She was sitting her grade five exams and needed practice time”, whilst stating that she only ever practiced at home once a week.

The Flachs got rid of the drum kit after Tan allegedly banged on the walls with “spades and other implements” – a claim Tan and her daughter have denied.

The couple’s barrister told the court that Tan had previously argued with themselves and other neighbours and was handed a criminal behaviour order after being convicted of harassment following a trial in February 2016.

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