Migrant crisis: People-smuggling gang leader jailed for 10 years

Nizar Jabor Mohamad used small boats and HGVs to smuggle people into the UK.
Nizar Jabor Mohamad used small boats and HGVs to smuggle people into the UK.
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Mark White

By Mark White

Published: 08/10/2021

- 17:46

Updated: 08/10/2021

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Nizar Jabor Mohamad from Hull, smuggled the women across the English Channel in small boats and in the back of HGVs

A organised criminal gang leader, who boasted of smuggling more than a hundred women into the UK, has been jailed for 10 years

Nizar Jabor Mohamad from Hull, smuggled the women across the English Channel in small boats and in the back of HGVs.

In covertly obtained recordings by National Crime Agency investigators, he was heard telling criminal associates in Europe that “I brought too many women, I swear to God I can say I brought more than a hundred over.”

33-year-old Mohamad, who also used the name Nazar Masefi, was arrested by NCA officers while arranging an attempt to smuggle up to 21 people across the channel on a small boat in November 2019.

During the conversations, recorded at his home in Hull, Mohamad also referred to a £6,500 dinghy he had bought which had gone missing.

Migrants were to be charged up to £10,000 each to make the crossing to the UK.

In irate exchanges with other crime group members based in France and Belgium, Mohamad demanded the return of the dinghy, motor, fuel and 21 lifejackets or his money back.

But the crossing attempt never happened as he was arrested at his home on 15 November and subsequently charged with conspiring to facilitate illegal immigration.

NCA Branch Commander Martin Clarke said: “Heartless criminals like Mohamad prey on the desperation of migrants seeking to cross the channel.

“The primary motivation of these individuals is financial gain, and they could not care less about the welfare of those on small boats or in the back of lorries

Nizar Jabor Mohamad
Nizar Jabor Mohamad

“Unfortunately for Mohamad, his cover was blown while he was arranging a dangerous small boat crossing. Our intervention helped protect the welfare of those he was seeking to exploit.”

The small boat crisis is now a top priority for UK authorities, with more than 18,000 people hav in big crossed the Channel so far this year.

That figure is more than double the number of migrants who crossed in small boats in the whole of 2020.

Martin Clarke said: “Working alongside our partners we are determined to do everything possible to disrupt and dismantle the organised criminals behind this despicable trade.”

Hull Crown Court.
Hull Crown Court.
Anna Gowthorpe

Dozens of images of small boat equipment, including outboard motors, were found on Mohamad’s phone when it was searched by NCA investigators.

Hull Crown Court heard that the crime group he was part of initially smuggled migrants from Belgium and the Netherlands across the channel in HGVs, but diversified into using inflatable dinghies.

Mohamad himself came to the UK illegally in April 2019, hiding behind the wind dam of an HGV cab before claiming asylum.

Image captured of migrants sat inside a lorry
Image captured of migrants sat inside a lorry

During this period, phone records taken from migrants found in lorries showed a handset, which was later linked to Mohamad, was being regularly used by people smugglers to arrange illegal crossings.

NCA officers showed that Mohamad was in contact with two men acting as agents in the Dunkirk migrant camp for individuals wanting to travel to the UK.

In other parts of the covert recordings, Mohamad was heard talking about logistical and financial arrangements for transporting migrants on small boats.

He also mentioned sending profits home to his family and displayed an in-depth knowledge of people smuggling methods, including weather patterns, risks and the best pick up points to use.

Mohamad appeared at Hull Crown Court on Wednesday, 21 April where he admitted a charge of conspiring to facilitate illegal immigration. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison at the same court today.

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