Mercy Muroki: Smart Motorways are ‘frightening’

Mercy Muroki: Smart Motorways are ‘frightening’
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Gareth Milner

By Gareth Milner

Published: 14/06/2021

- 12:40

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:58

Colin Brazier and Mercy Muroki discuss the dangers of Smart Motorways

GB News’ Mercy Muroki says she finds Smart Motorways “frightening” because “there’s no way to pull up on the side,” telling co-presenter Colin Brazier her worries at how deaths on smart motorways reached their highest level in 2019.

There are around 500 miles of smart motorway in England and Highways England plans to roll out 300 more miles by 2025 but opinion has been divided on them.

Highways England says they reduce traffic - minimising environmental impact - and that personal injury accidents have been reduced by more than half since they were rolled out.

Plans for the M62 across the Pennines (due to cost up to £392 million) to become a Smart Motorway have been paused after being threatened with legal action for allegedly failing to carry out a full environmental impact of the project.

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