Jay Slater mystery: Reporter explains new theory as police ‘investigate all avenues’

Jay Slater mystery: Reporter explains new theory as police ‘investigate all avenues’

WATCH NOW: Journalist reveals latest theories into Jay Slater's disappearance after 16 days

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 03/07/2024

- 16:20

The 19-year-old British teenager has been missing on the island of Tenerife for 16 days

Jay Slater's phone may have been "thrown into the gorge" to the location where the last ping was recorded, it has been claimed.

The British teenager remains missing after disappearing on the island of Tenerife over two weeks ago.

The Guardia Civil have called off the search for the 19-year-old after combing through mountainous terrain, enlisting helicopters, drones, specialist dogs and volunteer experts to help assist in the hunt for Slater.

In a latest development into the investigation, forensic teams have returned to the AirBnb where Slater spent his last night with two other British men, before going missing.

Search, Nick Pisa, Jay Slater

British teenager Jay Slater has been missing for 16 days after disappearing on the island of Tenerife

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Speaking to GB News, journalist Nick Pisa revealed there are "many theories" surrounding the teen's disappearance, but his own leading theory is that Slater "has been overcome by tiredness, exhaustion, dehydration, and is probably somewhere up on that mountain".

Detailing the forensic team's return to the Airbnb, Pisa questioned why they had chosen to return and why they decided to return, 16 days after Slater's disappearance.

Pisa told GB News: "If you speak to the Spanish police, you speak to the independent search and rescue people who've been up there, they say they've combed that mountain as much as they can.

"But then you speak to Paul Arnott, the experienced mountaineer, and he says that they haven't searched as thoroughly as they should do."

Jay Slater Airbnb

Forensic teams have returned to the Airbnb where Slater spent the night before disappearing


Pisa noted that despite the attention Jay Slater's case has drawn, Spanish Police "obviously are keeping their cards close to their chest and are not saying anything".


Revealing another detail in the search for Slater in the mountainous terrain, Pisa said he had spoken to a man who had "found a pair of sunglasses" on the gorge, and had handed them in to the police.

Pisa explained: "I've now spoken to an ex-British Army officer who found some sunglasses up there. He was asked not to put them in a plastic bag because of humidity, but to wrap them up in tissue paper, which he did.

"He handed them in and he had to give DNA and his fingerprints. The question is, are they connected to Jay?"

When asked by hosts Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce what he believes happened to Slater, Pisa added that the mobile phone's ping location could only be possible "if the phone was thrown" into the gorge.

Nick Pisa

Nick Pisa says the Spanish police are 'keeping all avenues open' in their investigation into missing Jay Slater

GB News

Pisa claimed: "The other interesting thing that he told me is that the mobile phone ping, for it to ping from where they think it pinged from, you would have had to throw the phone into the bushes because you would need a machete to get into that undergrowth in that ravine.

"Another one of these theories is that maybe someone threw his phone there and he is somewhere else. But the police are saying that they are keeping all avenues of investigation open.

"For that first two weeks of that search, they really focused on that gorge. They were going through it on foot with dogs and with helicopters, and then they called for volunteers on Saturday in what they said was going to be one final push."

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