‘There are STILL people denying Oct 7!’ Israeli spokesman FURIOUS – ‘there are many who don’t WANT Israel to defend itself!’

‘There are STILL people denying Oct 7!’ Israeli spokesman FURIOUS – ‘there are many who don’t WANT Israel to defend itself!’
GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 17/11/2023

- 14:14

Updated: 17/11/2023

- 14:24

Israeli Government spokesperson Eylon Levi said Hamas is 'worse than ISIS'

Israeli Government spokesperson Eylon Levi has expressed his anger at those "still denying" the ongoing war in the Middle East, as tensions continue to escalate between Israel and terrorist group Hamas.

On October 7, Hamas began an unprovoked attack on Israel, sparking a war between the two territories.

Latest figures have confirmed that over 11,240 Israeli people had been killed, including 4,630 children.

Israel's government has said this week that Hamas are believed to be holding 239 captives hostage in the Gaza region.

Israeli Government Spokesperson Eylon Levi appears on GB News

Eylon Levi said that Hamas is 'worse than ISIS' and 'needs to be destroyed'

GB News

On Thursday, 65-year-old hostage Yehudit Weiss was found dead in a building next to the Al-Shifa Hospital after a raid.

Weiss had been abducted from the Be’eri kibbutz region by Hamas, amid repeated attacks by the group.

Speaking to GB News, Israeli Government Spokesperson Eylon Levi praised the defence force's "success" in minimising civilian casualties, given the "nature of the war" they are facing.

Levi said Hamas' "horrific massacre" on October 7 was targeted at "densely populated" communities in Israel.

Speaking to GB News host Emily Carver, Levi compared the actions of Hamas to Islamic State group ISIS and called for Hamas to be "destroyed".

Levi said: "We said from the beginning of this war, Hamas is worse than ISIS. We will destroy Hamas, like the world destroyed ISIS.

"And when 86 nations ganged up on ISIS a decade ago in Mosul and Raqqa, and did to Mosul and Raqqa what they did to Mosul and Raqqa, including the UK, I don't remember any British troops on the ground having ISIS firing RPG's at them as they secure safe passage for innocent Syrians and Iraqis to leave.

"We've made efforts that no army in history has made to get civilians out of harm's way."

An Israeli soldier takes position during the ongoing ground operation of the Israeli army against Palestinian Islamist group Hamas

The IDF are continuing their ground operations in Gaza


Emily then asked Levi about Israel's efforts to combat the "PR battle" , as Western countries continue to speak out on Israel's defence against Hamas.

Levi stated: "There are still people who are denying the atrocities on October 7th. There are still people denying that on October 7th, Hamas invaded Israel and brutally massacred, tortured, mutilated, burned, beheaded, raped many, many, many Israelis.

"We still have people denying the reason that we are in this war in the first place. And so it's not surprising that as Israel exposes Hamas war crimes and exposes the way that Hamas has cynically embedded itself in civilian areas hiding underneath hospitals.

"But people are going to deny that too, because there are simply many people in the world who do not want Israel to defend itself against the terrorist monsters who perpetrated October 7th."

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