Briton running length of Africa slams Hardest Geezer's critics - 'Complete nonsense!'

​​Keith Boyd/Russ Cook

Keith Boyd, who is due to finish his run on Sunday has praised Hardest Geezer

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 19/04/2024

- 19:33

Keith Boyd is running the length of Africa from Cape Town to Cairo

A Briton running the length of Africa has slammed criticism of fellow cross-continental runner Russ Cook, aka Hardest Geezer.

Keith Boyd, also known as the Rainbow Runner, is attempting to run from Cape Town to Cairo, known as the ‘traditional route’, in fewer than 318 days and set a new world record.

It comes after Cook ran more than 10,000 miles in 352 days from Cape Agulhas in South Africa to Ras Angela in Tunisia. However, the World Runners Association (WRA) hit out claiming that one of their state member's Jesper Kenn Olsen, from Denmark, completed a similar mission in 2010.

Boyd is running raise awareness for voter turnout in South Africa as well as the British Heart Foundation.

\u200bKeith Boyd, Russ Cook

Keith Boyd has praised Russ Cook's efforts


\u200bKeith Boyd running through Africa

Keith Boyd running through Africa


He said: "He did a great job. And you know, I've seen this Danish chap pop up and say something about what he's run the length of every week.

"It's complete nonsense. I mean, Russ ran from the southernmost tip of Africa, which is a place called Cape Agulhas, it's 200 kilometres to the east of Cape Town, where I started my run.

"The northern most tip of Africa is in Tunisia, so he's run from the southernmost tip to the northern most tip. So his claim is quite correct. Now, nobody to my knowledge has done that before.

"And this Danish chap certainly didn't do it, from I think was Cape Town and ran to Egypt to the Red Sea site. I could claim I run the length of Africa from Cape Town if I run 180 kilometres past Cairo to Alexandria. But, I'm doing the classic Cape Town to Cairo."

\u200bRuss Cook

Russ Cook finished his run last week


\u200bKeith Boyd is due to finish his run on Sunday

Keith Boyd is due to finish his run on Sunday


Cook, from West Sussex, said he planned to run the London marathon for charity despite only finishing his 352-day challenge on April 7.

He has raised almost £950,000 to date for two charities, the Running Charity and Sandblast, since setting off on the venture last year.

Speaking about possible long-term injuries on JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast, which was released on Thursday, Cook said: "It’s hard to know until I’m back really. I’ll have probably a few days of not running, then we’ll see.

“I’ve got the London Marathon in two weeks, so I need to shape up for that.”

\u200bKeith BoydKeith Boyd is running the length of AfricaSupplied/@rainbowrunnerza
Russ Cook, aka, Hardest Geezer\u200b

Russ Cook, aka, Hardest Geezer


Boyd, a tired telecoms entrepreneur, who holds dual British and South African citizenship, was born in Scotland but moved to South Africa when he was four. He is due to conclude his epic run on Sunday.

Speaking about the last leg, he said: "I know I've got to run about 33 miles a day and because I want to get into the town on Sunday and my family is coming to Cairo to meet me.

So we've got a heavy week but no I feel okay, I've got a right Achilles tendon problem. But we're managing it.

"Being 57 years old hurts."

Boyd is set to finish his run this Sunday, April 21.

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