‘It was humiliating’: Gospel singer breaks silence on ‘shocking’ moment constable told her ‘not to sing' outside church

‘It was humiliating’: Gospel singer breaks silence on ‘shocking’ moment constable told her ‘not to sing' outside church
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 30/01/2024

- 22:45

Updated: 31/01/2024

- 09:12

A gospel singer who was prevented from performing Christian songs on London's Oxford Street has spoken of the "humiliation" she felt.

Harmonie London was stopped by police who told her she could not sing her songs outside of Church grounds.

The singer, who is raising money for an album, said she felt a special constable ‘targeted’ her and threatened to seize her possessions.

Speaking to Jacob Rees Mogg on GB News, Harmonie London said:

“It was quite humiliating, I never expected to be treated like that, especially as she said I'm not allowed to sing church songs outside of church. It was just quite shocking.

“I wasn't busking. I was sharing the gospel so when she came up to me and said ‘you're busking, you're not allowed to, I was actually sharing the gospel, which is completely within my human rights.

“I'm not approaching people. I'm not forcing anybody to listen. I just go out there, I sing. If people want to listen, believers, non-believers, they are welcome to.

“I do collect money; I collect donations, but that's towards my gospel album, but I also have to pay to get there, petrol, the congestion charge, parking, and the rest goes towards recording.

Describing the incident on London's iconic Oxford Street she explained: “There were two other officers, they didn't really say much, it was more her leading.

Gospel singerHarmonie London spoke to Jacob Rees Mogg GB NEws

“She literally just came over and said, ‘You need to stop. I'm going to seize your equipment’ and she was very angry.

“She didn’t show a warrant. She wasn't instructed by Westminster Council to do that. There were no complaints. She just went out of her way.

“That's what she was saying to me so I just packed up my things and left. I don't like to cause a scene.”

Harmonie said she would ‘have to think about’ meeting up with the volunteer police officer.

“I never hold things against anyone," she said. "I'm not that kind of person. I just felt a bit targeted just because she went out of her way, and I wasn't doing anything wrong.

“I have a positive impact on people. If you watch my videos, they are enjoyed by many - it doesn't matter who you are or what you believe in.

Harmonie said she would be back singing on Oxford Street tomorrow (WEDS) around 1300hrs.

A spokesman for Metropolitan Police issued an apology earlier this afternoon saying:

‘The officer was mistaken in saying church songs cannot be sung outside of church grounds. We’re sorry for the offence caused and will take the learning forward.’

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