Staggering polling shows Le Pen set to topple Macron as the French say 'ENOUGH'

Marine Le Pen and President Macron

Le Pen's National Rally are set to take 34 per cent of votes compared to Macron's 19 per cent

Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 11/06/2024

- 09:53

Right-wing groups in France are holding talks to team up and beat Macron's ruling party

Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen is expected to win a snap election in France claiming a third of the votes, according to a new poll.

President Emmanuel Macron made a surprise announcement on Sunday evening calling lower house elections for June 30, with a second round vote on July 7.

It followed the victory of Le Pen's National Rally in the European Parliament elections.

The first opinion polls following Macron's decision to dissolve parliament found Le Pen's National Rally garnering 34 per cent of votes compared to 19 per cent for President Macron's ruling party.

President Macron

President Macron announced he is dissolving the National Assembly, French Parliament lower house, and calls new general elections for June 30


The National Rally could win up to 265 seats in the National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, increased from its current 88 deputies.

Meanwhile, Macron's centrist alliance is expected to lose around half its seats, reducing from 250 to 125, with the left-wing parties taking up 145 seats.

The survey, carried out by research agency Toluna Harris Interactive, indicated that Macron's party could take third place behind France's left-wing bloc.

France's left-leaning grouping including France Unbowed, the Communists, Socialists and Greens would see 22 per cent of the votes.

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen's National Rally could win up to 265 seats in the National Assembly


On Monday, Macron said he was "confident" the French public would "make the right decision" in the snap elections.

Leading up to the snap election the country's two leading far-right forces, National Rally and Reconquest, are teaming up to defeat Macron.

Marion Maréchal, the lead candidate for Reconquest, met with the National Rally's presidential candidate, her aunt Marine Le Pen, and President Jordan Bardella to discuss an alliance.

Maréchal is a former National Rally parliamentarian but moved away from her aunt to join the Reconquest party.

But since election night, Maréchal has been pushing for her new party to merge with her old one.

Speaking on X, she said: "Given the gravity of the situation for our country, I was keen to meet with Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella to seize the opportunity to build a government coalition.”

Following their meeting, Le Pen announced in a TV interview that she would meet with a series of political leaders to "build a majority" but did not reveal if she had made any agreements with her niece.

The first round of voting is set to take place in less than three weeks on June 30, and the run-off will be on July 7.

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