Donald Trump vows to 'totally obliterate the deep state' in angry tirade after court appearance

Donald Trump speaking

Former U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks following his arraignment on classified document charges

Paige Creaney

By Paige Creaney

Published: 14/06/2023

- 12:01

Updated: 14/06/2023

- 12:17

It comes after the 77-year-old is accused of unlawfully keeping classified security documents when he left office

Former US President Donald Trump lashed out at his political opponents just hours after facing criminal charges for the alleged mishandling of classified documents.

It comes after the 77-year-old is accused of unlawfully keeping classified security documents when he left office and lying to officials trying to recover them from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida

The documents related to nuclear programmes and other sensitive military secrets.

In his speech at a New Jersey fundraiser, Trump attacked a range of prominent public figures including Bill and Hillary Clinton, President Joe Biden and his family, and the prosecutor in the Miami legal case.

Donald Trump with USA flag

Trump claims he is the "only one who can save the nation"


Addressing his indictment, he claimed that it was “another attempt to rig and steal an election" that was "straight out of a fascist or communist nation.”

“Today, we witnessed the most evil and heinous abuse of power in the history of our country" he said.

Detailing some of his legal defence, Trump claimed that he had every right to keep the classified documents.

“They are threatening me with 400 years in prison for possessing my own presidential papers.

"Whatever documents the president decides to take with him, he has the right to do so - it is an absolute right.

"They've got to drop this case immediately as it is destroying the country” he told the crowd.

He went on to slam the case, describing it as a “sham.”

The former president took no time to take a swipe at other political figures as he touched on the classified documents previously found in Joe Biden's possession and made other claims against his 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

"I'm the only one who followed the law" he claimed.

"Joe Biden had no authority to declassify as vice president, I did as president. Nothing happens to crooked Joe.

Donald Trump addresses the crowd

Trump says he plans to return to the White House "stronger than ever"


"I did everything right and they indicted me."

Concluding his speech, Trump asserted that he would appoint a special prosecutor "to go after" President Biden and his family.

He claimed that the US is a “nation in serious decline” whilst taking a swipe at the communists.

"I will totally obliterate the deep state, we know who they are.

“I am the only one who can save this nation.

"Justice will be done, we will take back our country" he finished.

Trump is currently the frontrunner in the race to become the Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

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