'Cancel culture from the left has come full circle!' Nana Akua claims after Lee Anderson suspensions

'Cancel culture from the left has come full circle!' Nana Akua claims after Lee Anderson suspensions

Mutiny in the Commons 'like schoolboys!' - Has politics been captured by fear?

GB News
Nana Akua

By Nana Akua

Published: 24/02/2024

- 16:31

Updated: 25/02/2024

- 08:26

The GB News presenter made the statements on her show

Cancel culture from the left have come a full circle, with those doing the cancelling now being the ones scared of being cancelled.

This week we saw Lindsay Hoyle, the supposedly impartial Labour Speaker of the House, change parliamentary procedures to allow a Labour question instead of one from the SNP, which would have apparently caused the revolt of up to 80 Labour MPs there.

It was supposed to be the SNP's day for debate. Instead, the Speaker, under suspected pressure from Sir Keir Starmer, allowed a Labour question. This resulted in mutiny of the benches.

It's like school, isn't it? Lindsay apologised, claiming that he was worried about the safety of MPs given the latest things like the harassment of people like Tobias Elwood.

Nana Akua

Nana Akua believes cancel culture has come full circle

GB News

But in doing this he also avoided splitting the Labour Party, of which he is a member. So has politics been captured by fear?

Is this a taste of things to come from Labour under Starmer? Then big news. Lee Anderson this week said Islamists have got control of London following a wave of weekly pro-Palestine protests.

But he later explained he meant that they've got control of Khan. Sadiq called his comments Islamophobic, anti Muslim and racist.

Khan said: "But these comments from a city conservative are Islamophobic, are anti Muslim and are racist. We've seen over the last two days confirmation that over the last few months there's been an increase in anti Muslim cases by more than 330 per cent.

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan claimed Anderson's comments "pour fuel on the fire"

GB News

"These comments pour fuel on the fire of anti Muslim hatred, and I'm afraid the deafening silence from Rishi Sunak and from the cabinet is them condoning this racism."

While of course since that particular interview Lee Anderson has been suspended.

Now some people would argue that only a small minority that are causing problems and have the right to protest in the pro-Palestine protest and, after all we are a democracy.

But others might also point to Sadiq Khan's record as mayor with ULEZ being his crowning glory. But what do you think?

Nana Akua

Nana said that there is "mutiny" in the Commons

GB News

And finally price, Harry. Oh, OK, he's our Prince. Prince Harry's lawyers are, it would appear, defending his case for saying staying in the US.

They're saying that he has a right to embellishment in his book, Spare.

It would suggest that if they are saying this, he hasn't mentioned his drug taking on his visa forms.

We will follow that story with interest. It's been a mucky old week.

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