British pensioner ‘TERRIFIED’ of being deported from Australia as she makes heartbreaking new plea: ‘I don’t know a soul in the UK’

British pensioner ‘TERRIFIED’ of being deported from Australia as she makes heartbreaking new plea: ‘I don’t know a soul in the UK’

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 21/02/2024

- 12:21

Updated: 21/02/2024

- 13:45

Mary Ellis declared 'I’m an Aussie' in an appearance on Australian TV

A British grandmother living in Australia who has been threatened with deportation has made a heartbreaking new plea on TV, stating that she “doesn’t know a soul in the UK”.

Mary Ellis, 74, has lived Down Under for 40 years but is now about to be kicked out of the country after government officials claim that she was staying there illegally.

The 74-year-old also risks a prison service of up to ten years, according to the Australian Federal Police.

Ellis left London in 1981 to travel to Australia, where she has since settled in Northern Rivers, New South Wales. She has since become a highly respected figure in the community and is well-known for her volunteer work.

Mary Ellis

Ellis, who has been living in Australia for 40 years, is 'terrified' of being deported


She recently appeared on Australian television and begged the Department of Home Affairs to let her stay, stating that she was “terrified” to be sent back to Britain and declared that: “I’m an Aussie.”

Home Affairs officials have stated that Ellis left and then re-entered Australia under different aliases on separate occasions, claims she has denied.

In a statement, the Department of Home Affairs said: “Non-citizens… who do not have the right to remain in Australia are expected to depart.”

“This is my home, I love Australia,” a teary Mary told local news outlets last week.


Mary Ellis

Ellis is 'terrified' of being deported after authorities have claimed she has been living in Australia illegally 


Mary EllisMary Ellis, a well-respected member of her community who is known for her volunteer work, is facing deportation from AustraliaInstagram

“I have a Driver's Licence, ID card, Medicare Card, and Pension card. Everything Australians have.

“I thought well, I'm a permanent resident. You know, I carry on doing my daily - what I do every day. Nobody said anything.”

Ellis was told that she had been absent from Australia between February 1983 and November 1986, however, she has disputed this, saying she has never left Australia since she first arrived in 1981.

Migration agent Stanley Schneider, who is assisting Ellis with her case, said that she qualifies as an “absorbed person” under the Migration Act 1986.

To qualify, a non-citizen must have been in Australia from April 2, 1984 and never have left since.

It is understood that there are no “compassionate grounds” on which the Immigration Minister could intervene in Ellis’ bid to get an “absorbed person” visa, the Daily Mail has reported.

Young Mary Ellis

Ellis moved to Australia in 1981


However, the minister could decide to get involved in the case if he thinks “it is in the public interest”.

However, her estranged daughter has disputed her claims, stating that she visited the UK in 1986 to sell her house in Croydon, Surrey.

Ellis argued against her daughter, telling the Daily Mail Australia: “It's all rubbish.” She later added: “I don't remember anything from before I came to Australia.”

The 74-year-old said she has documents to prove she has never left, including documents from her former employer.

Schneider said: “She knows not a soul over there [in England], not a soul.

“She's always paid her taxes, she hasn't even had a speeding ticket, she's never infringed anything, she's never offended anyone.”

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