Blackpool Tower performer plunges from 'Wheel of Faith' in front of horrified audience

Blackpool Tower performer plunges from 'Wheel of Faith' in front of horrified audience

Martin Daubney breaks news of Blackpool Tower fire

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 28/04/2024

- 15:08

Updated: 30/04/2024

- 06:57

A circus performer fell off the apparatus at the iconic Lancashire landmark

An acrobat fell off the 'Wheel of Faith' in front of a shocked audience at Blackpool Tower.

Viewers were left horrified when one of the daredevils performing on the spinning apparatus lost his footing and fell to the ground.

Emergency services quickly treated the fallen artist, who was subsequently taken to hospital.

The circus tent inside the Lancashire attraction was then promptly cleared out, stunned attendees claimed after the incident.

Emergency services attended the scene at Blackpool Tower

Emergency services attended the scene at Blackpool Tower


One person wrote on social media: "In Blackpool Tower with kids watching circus when the bloke who was at top of the wheel of death fell to the ground immediately all audience was escorted out hope he is ok."

Another sent out wishes for the acrobat's "speedy recovery" and commended the staff for their "amazing" handling of the situation

A spokesperson for Blackpool Tower said: "Our medical team responded quickly with our well-established emergency procedures and supported the performer until the Emergency Services arrived.

"We are pleased to confirm the performer is recovering well and being treated for a minor injury to his wrist. The safety and well-being of our performers is of the highest importance.


Wheel of Death

The attraction is a popular circus attraction (file pic)


A representative for Blackpool Shows and Attractions commented to the press: "The Wheel Of Faith is a very common circus act currently being performed at many UK touring circuses and indeed all over the world.

"It is a calculated risk and thankfully accidents are very rare. That said these fearless performers spend many years training to do these acts and live for the adrenalin and entertainment of the public."

The Wheel of Faith has been a popular attraction at circus shows for decades, however has a troubling past.

In 1994, circus performer Neville Campbell fatally slipped during a performance at Blackpool Tower in front of 400 audience members. The 20-year-old fell to the ground and landed on his head during the aerial act.

Last year, Lancashire Police attended the attraction after reports that it was on fire.

However, it turned out the tower was not on fire, but instead some orange netting was mistaken as flames.

Dating back to 1894, the Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks of the North West and is a hub for entertainment and culture.

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