Andrew Tate lashes out at BBC over ‘hit job’ interview in Romania

Andrew Tate in Romania

Andrew Tate has lashed out at the BBC after an interview with the broadcaster

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 01/06/2023

- 15:31

Updated: 02/06/2023

- 07:26

The controversial former kickboxer sat down for a combative interview with the BBC at his home in Romania

Andrew Tate has lashed out at the BBC after describing his latest interview as a “hit job”.

The controversial social media personality released an “unredacted” version of his almost 40-minute long interview on the social media platform Rumble.

Opening the video, Tate included a disclaimer which said: “The BBC has been begging Andrew Tate for an interview for the last six months. Begging.

“They sent a list of sanitised questions, and promised a fair and balanced interview.

Andrew Tate Andrew Tate and brother Tristan were placed under house arrest after spending three months behind barsReuters

“Tate finally agreed to their begging and they ignored all of their promised questions and attempted a hit job. This is what happened.”

Tate, 36, who emerged as a controversial social media influencer after certain clips circulated on TikTok, was interviewed at his home in Romania as he remains under house arrest.

He previously spent three months behind bars in a Bucharest prison along with brother Trisan following investigations for human trafficking, rape, and criminal gang activity.

The Tate brothers were released following an appeal in late March.

Andrew Tate during an appearance on GB NewsTate, 36, has been labelled the 'King of Toxic Masculinity'GB News

During his interview, Tate denied allegations of rape, trafficking and exploiting women.

He also said: “It’s very difficult for me to have a frank and honest conversation with you while we are in the territory of Romania while a legal case is going on in Romania.

“I have to protect myself. I’ve agreed to do an interview with you and I want to be as honest with you as possible but I can’t incriminate myself in any way and I have to be careful what I talk about.”

Tate, who described himself as the “most influential man on the face of the planet”, went on to call the allegations “fabricated” and claimed “thousands of women have come to my defence”.

Andrew Tate talks to media representatives while being loaded inside a van outside the headquarters of the Bucharest Court of Appeal,Andrew Tate outside the headquarters of the Bucharest CourtReuters

When asked about one unnamed woman’s testimony, Tate confronted the interviewer by saying: “Has she accused me of a crime? I’ve asked you a question. I’ve allowed you into my house … you’re not the boss here.”

He added: “The reason I’m being attacked is because of my massive influence, not because I’ve hurt anybody.”

There was plenty of hectoring and interrupting from Tate during the almost 40-minute long interview.

When asked about allegations made against him by unnamed women, Tate said: “Sophie doesn’t exist so let’s move on to a different subject.”

Andrew Tate arrives at Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT)The kickboxer is currently under house arrest in Romania ​Reuters 

The interviewer replied: “No, I think I’ll stick to this one for a minute.”

Tate also appeared to categorically deny statements which previously featured on his website.

He instead took aim at the media by alleging: “Legacy media as a whole has lost all of its credibility in the last three or four years, nobody believes it.

“It’s a massive shame that the BBC have come here to push and purport this idea that I am a dangerous person.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate was interviewed at his home after being put under house arrest


“I’m anti-drugs, I’ve never pushed drugs, I’m anti-violence. The UK is facing a knife-crime epidemic and they’re going to sit here and say that I am the most dangerous man in the UK.”

In a later exchange, Tate laughed at the interviewer when she asked if he is the “most dangerous man in the world” and if he thought women’s genitals belong to her male partner.

He said: “I find it funny that you’re sitting here saying that I said I’m the most dangerous man in the world. When did I say that?”

Tate continued: “It’s very upsetting that you sit here and certain organisations in the world are going to try and pretend that I am the biggest force for evil in the world when I’m genuinely a force for good.”


GB News has approached the BBC for comment.


As tensions rose, he said: “Then we need to change the dynamic of this interview because, and I’ll make this clear, I invited you into my home, I’m doing you a favour … you don’t have a position of authority over me.”

During a break, Tate also was heard saying: “It’s fine. I’m having a nice conversation, I’m enjoying it, so it’s no problem. I’m having fun so far.”

But a woman associated with the former kickboxer interjected: “These are very loaded questions and this is not what we discussed and this is not the conversation that we agreed to.”

Responding to the release of Tate's footage, a BBC spokesperson said: “We discussed in advance the areas we wanted to discuss with him. We did not supply a list of questions."

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