Andrew Pierce hits out at vegan as fake meat health risks laid bare: ‘You’ve been found out!’

Andrew Pierce hits out at vegan as fake meat health risks laid bare: ‘You’ve been found out!’

WATCH NOW: Andrew and Bev react to latest study on vegan meat alternatives

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 16/04/2024

- 16:21

A new study has discovered that plant-based meat products have 'no clear benefit' to heart health

GB News presenter Andrew Pierce has hit out at the vegan doom-sayers, after a new study has revealed that there are no prominent health benefits to the heart in swapping real meat for plant-based meat alternatives.

According to a study by Dr Sumanto Haldar at Bournemouth University, plant based meat alternatives currently available "do not offer same health advantages" as a traditional plant-based diet.

The study concluded that among the classical cardiovascular disease risk factors, "no clear effects" were observed between the animal-based meat diet and plant-based meat groups in the study.

Dr Haldar urged producers of vegan meat alternatives to "re-evaluate the development of the next generation of meat alternative products", so that they "not only taste good, but also have improved nutritional attributes and are more affordable for the entire population".

Andrew Pierce and Dave Chawner

Andrew Pierce hit out at the latest study over processed vegan alternatives

GB News

Reacting to the study, host Andrew Pierce said he was "thrilled" by the revelation and criticised vegans for "always telling us how marvellous their diet is", and how it is the "pinnacle of good health".

Andrew swiped: "But I think they might be wrong!"

Co-host Bev Turner was in agreement with Andrew, adding: "I've always suspected they might be wrong!"

In discussion with vegan comedian Dave Chawner, Andrew scolded: "You've been found out! It's no good for you, bad blood pressure, bad for your heart, just have a proper sausage, man."

Stock image of supermarket

A new study has discovered that plant-based meat products have 'no clear benefit' to heart health


Chawner was enthused by Bev and Andrew's reaction to the study, responding: "I love how happy you are that this is showing how bad the vegan diet is. I love that."

Chawner then argued: "Can I absolutely point out that it's not mandatory, you don't have to eat these."


Bev interjected, hitting back: "It feels like it! Let me pull you up on that. I went to a coffee shop at the weekend with my girls to get myself a latte and a little snack for them, and on sale were these lovely looking chocolate chip cookies.

"They were vegan, so I said to the woman, 'how rubbish are your vegan chocolate chip cookies?' And she said, actually, they're all right. And I said, 'do you have any that aren't vegan?', She said no. You say it's not mandatory, but it's becoming mandatory."

Chawner disagreed, replying: "It's not, and also that is the worst salesperson I've ever heard in the world. You don't have to eat these vegan substitutes. I think we can all agree fruit and veg is generally quite good for your diet.

"But if the headlines of this is that you can be an unhealthy vegan, I don't think that's shocking anyone."

Andrew Pierce

Andrew and Bev said they are 'thrilled' with the latest revelation

GB News

When asked what Chawner's typical diet is as a vegan, the comedian admitted that he "put on a lot of weight" when he switched his diet, due to the "stodgy and starchy foods".

Chawner explained: "This is what I find really funny - my diet is actually terrible because people think that vegans are really thin, but actually it's a lot of bread, a lot of hummus, and a lot of falafels.

"I will absolutely admit some of the processed food is amazing, but a lot of vegan cheese, I will put my hands up that vegan cheese is terrible. There's no substitute for the proper thing."

Andrew agreed, hitting back: "You've been found out! It's all the processed food you're eating!"

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