Aldi goes woke! Supermarket issued 'gender transition guides' to staff as John Lewis faces mass boycott

Aldi goes woke! Supermarket issued 'gender transition guides' to staff as John Lewis faces mass boycott

WATCH NOW: John Lewis magazine sparked outrage after sharing controversial trans tips for children

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 18/02/2024

- 16:19

Updated: 19/02/2024

- 07:48

The guides, published in 2022, advise managers on how to deal with transitioning staff and share tips with co-workers on how to help their colleagues easily return to work

One of Britain’s largest supermarkets issued “gender transition guides” for staff.

It comes as John Lewis has been threatened with a mass boycott after the retailer published an in-house magazine promoting “chest binders” for transgender children

Aldi published a series of internal guidelines in 2022 on how to support co-workers who are transitioning, as part of its ‘Embrace’ Diversity and Inclusion strategy, which aims to create a more inclusive workplace.

Richard Shuttleworth, Diversity and Inclusion Director at Aldi UK, said: “We want to ensure that Aldi is a diverse, inclusive and supportive place to work for everyone."

Aldi at pride/Aldi store

Aldi issued gender transition guides to its staff


Shuttleworth added, after publishing the guides in 2022: "We believe colleagues should feel confident to bring their truest selves to work, and hope the launch of these guides will help anyone who has transitioned, is going through a transition or considering it, to feel safe and supported in doing just that."

The guides offer advice to managers on how to deal with transitioning staff and shares tips with co-workers on how to help their colleagues easily return into the work fold.

They were created with the input of workers. Kimberly Taylor, a store assistant, said: “I’ve worked at Aldi for over three years and during that time have started to transition. Throughout this experience my team have been so supportive of me, helping me to feel confident and accepted every step of the way."

She said that the guides show that Aldi is committed to the wellbeing of its transgender staff.


Aldi store outside

The guides were created with the input of workers


The emergence of the Aldi guidance comes amid the publication of a 32-page magazine by John Lewis which shares trans tips for children.

The first issue of ‘Identity’ has been circulated to the John Lewis Partnership’s (JLP) 70,000 employees and presents advice from controversial trans charity Mermaids, which is currently under investigation by the Charity Commission.

It features a story “Raising Trans and Non-Binary Children”, which has a testimony from a mother of a transgender boy who had joined a Mermaids-run forum online.

The mother detailed her son’s experience with chest binders, which she said were “always safer than the alternatives” – which JLP said was a short, opinion-led comment.

Mermaids, which was recommended as one resource alongside other charities by JLP, had been offering to send breast binders to children without parental consent, a Daily Telegraph investigation found.

John Lewis store The John Lewis Partnership has confirmed a new head of its department store business GETTY

The publication has brought about calls to boycott the company.

James Esses in his blog article “The Trans Takeover of John Lewis”, described the article as a “dangerous overstep” by JLP and said he would be shopping elsewhere.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, the founder of Transgender Trend, an advocacy group for “evidence-based care of gender-dysphoric children”, said JLP was acting “outside its remit”.

A JLP spokesperson said: “We want the partnership to be a place where people can work or shop with confidence, irrespective of their backgrounds.

“Multiple studies – including those from the government – show that trans people are at higher risk of hate crimes and discrimination, and this magazine was created by our LGBTQIA+ network to champion understanding and support. It has been positively received by the huge majority of our partners.

“We’ve a number of networks across our business, which encourage open conversations. partners can share their own questions and experiences – even on topics where people have different views.”

GB News has contacted Aldi for comment.

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