‘Someone’s got to pay for it!’ White Dee demands NHS entitlements for workers amid benefit scrounger crackdown

‘Someone’s got to pay for it!’ White Dee demands NHS entitlements for workers amid benefit scrounger crackdown

White Dee says those in low income jobs should earn NHS entitlements

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 17/11/2023

- 18:19

Those who 'refuse to engage' could lose their benefits

White Dee has lamented benefit claimants not seeking work, suggesting those in jobs should be given an “entitlement” to certain NHS schemes.

It comes amid Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s crackdown on claimants who “refuse to engage”, with suggestions those in that bracket could lose their benefits.

Speaking on GB News, White Dee, who appeared in Channel 4 documentary Benefits Street, suggested things being made “easier first” for people who are working.

Questioned by Nana Akua how that would be implemented, she said: “The Government could give them an entitlement to the National Health Service (NHS).

White Dee and Jeremy Hunt


“It can be very expensive for those that work, having to pay for prescriptions. So you work and you can’t afford to be ill, but when you’re ill, you can’t afford the medication.

“How do you win in a situation like that?”


Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt has outlined plans to crackdown on benefit scroungers

GB News

Questioned by Akua about whether those on job seekers allowance should be forced to pay for prescriptions in any case, Dee said it should be “more means tested”.

“If you’re on a low income threshold, then why shouldn’t you be entitled to the same as someone who is claiming benefits and entitled to free dental prescriptions.

“It should work both ways. It should be easier for everybody, that would be amazing.”

Nana Akua responded by stating “but somebody’s got to pay for it”.

The Government is reportedly set to dish out harsher sanctions for benefit claimants who fail to find work for more than 18 months.

Those who fall into that threshold will have to undertake work experience placements under rules planned for late next year.

The Government says those refusing will lose access to their benefits for a period.

Charity Mind has hit out at the plans, saying they would worsen the mental health crisis in the UK.

The plans come as part of a drive to get people back to work, which will also see an extra £2.5 bn spent on career support.

Since the pandemic, the number of people not working has risen sharply, something the Treasury says it hurting the economy.

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