Octopus Energy announces ‘surprise’ opportunity for customers to get money off energy bills

Billpayer looks at energy bills beside calculator

Octopus Energy customers may be able to earn rewards if they reduce their energy consumption

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 17/01/2024

- 13:31

Updated: 17/01/2024

- 14:30

Billpayers may be able to earn rewards in return for reducing their energy usage this evening

Octopus Energy has announced a "surprise" event for customers hoping to earn rewards for reducing their energy consumption.

The Savings Session will take place tonight between 5.30pm and 6.30pm today, as part of the National Grid ESO's Demand Flexibility Service.

Equiwatt users could also earn rewards if they opt in and participate in the firm's powerDOWN scheme tonight between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

Posting the alert on their Savings Session account on X, formerly Twitter, Octopus Energy said participants could earn 1,800 Octopoints, worth £2.25 per kWH saved versus normal consumption.

Octopus Energy X post regarding Savings Session tonight

Octopus Energy posted the 'surprise' session alert on the Savings Session X account


Participants need to opt in online and reduce their energy usage during this hour.

Octopus Energy told people opting in they would enter a prize draw for a prize of 888,888 Octopoints, worth £1,111.

Via the Octoplus Savings Sessions, Octopus Energy will pay participating customers to use less power during peak times.

The energy provider said they will tell customers about the events with as much notice as possible, ideally the day before, either via an app notification or email for those who don't use the app.

Customers must opt in each time via their app or dashboard to take part in the session and earn the Octopoints.

In some select sessions, known as "Surprise Sessions", there is shorter notice, with no notifications.

Sometimes, these events will offer "higher" rewards.

Following each event, Octopus Energy will look at the participants' smart meter readings to work out how much they saved.

These earnings will then be added to the Octoplus account within a few weeks.

Octopus Energy will also offer prizes in certain Savings Sessions.

Billpayers will need to have a working electric smart meter so the supplier can verify how much energy has been saved.

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