Nationwide Building Society customers left with ‘no funds’ before Christmas after payment error

Nationwide Wimborne branch

Some Nationwide customers have reported being left with 'no funds'

Patrick O'Donnell

By Patrick O'Donnell

Published: 22/12/2023

- 11:00

Updated: 22/12/2023

- 14:50

Some Nationwide customers had complained about a payment error which could affect families having an enjoyable Christmas

Update: Nationwide has confirmed that the issue has been resolved.

Nationwide Building Society customers were at risk of having no cash for Christmas presents as some reported pending transactions.

This was reportedly due to a technical error that the building society was experiencing which is affecting people getting paid.

As a result of this issue, some Nationwide customers were stuck with pending transactions coming up on their account statements.

Yesterday, the building society admitted that it did not know when the error would be resolved.

Man looks very worried in picture

Customers are worried about being unable to get paid on time before Christmas


Due to this mistake, many households are concerned they will not have enough money over Christmas.

Payments were expected to hit many people’s bank accounts at some point today but the technical issue meant Nationwide customers were fearing they could be left in the lurch.

Despite complaints from customers, the building society yesterday said it could not guarantee households will get their money on time.

Those affected by the error have said they were worried they would be left without money mere days before Christmas.

One customer told The Sun: “My payday is due tomorrow which is a Friday. If payments are delayed I assume I will have no funds until after Boxing Day?”

Responding to the customer, Nationwide confirmed it did not have “an estimated timescale” but said payments would arrive as soon as possible.

Another Nationwide customer added: “People can’t access their money three days before Christmas? They’re not even apologising for the problem.”

A third customer shared: “My wages usually go in at midnight. "Will this still go ahead if payments are delayed?”

Nationwide confirmed to GB News that the issue affected faster payments (e.g., payments being made directly to and from accounts at different banks). Not direct debits or BACS etc.

Woman on the phone and holding laptop

Customers are sharing their anger over the situation


In a statement, Nationwide Building Society gave an update for those impacted to let them know when they should expect to get paid.

The financial institution said: “There’s a delay affecting some incoming and outgoing Faster Payments following a fault earlier this evening.

“Payments are now flowing again and all queued payments will be processed shortly.

“We will be processing these payments… with the aim to fund accounts within the next few hours if queued.”

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