Your Say: 'St George's Day marchers are treated like scum - OUTRAGEOUS!' Read comments from GB News viewers today

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By GB News Reporter

Published: 24/04/2024

- 11:34

Updated: 24/04/2024

- 12:11

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Here are some of the many comments from GB News viewers and readers from our GB News inbox and across our site.

As recent marches and the police reaction has led to accusations of two-tier policing and other debates - we look at some of your comments...

Two-tier policing in London

Patriots, veterans & football fans, all good working class people, all tarred with the same brush. The same regular folk governments send to the trenches to protect this country. It's an absolute disgrace the way they are treated by the establishment.
Jack Punchinello

Andrew and Bev. These people at the St George's Day march would be the only people voluntarily going to the front line for our country, yet they are treated like scum.......outrageous
Marc B

When Eid celebrations broke into violence the police stood back in fear, yesterday they charged in with batons and horses, and when a Jewish woman complained about a swastika, all the officer was concerned with was that his coffee was going cold. Two tier, too right it is

It was shocking to watch on tv, I would never have believed the difference in policing between St George's day marches and the support for Hamas and Palestine marches
Jane Britain

To easy to blame Tommy Robinson - the police showed 100% that there is 2 tier policing and they should be ashamed of themselves and it’s these men that the country would need if it hit the fan not the cowards that run around with their flags thousands of miles away from where the action is
JD 1977

Back in the day

If I could I would be transported to " back in the day" the days were far more safe, sensible and full of hope. This country is ruined. I feel sorry for the younger generations that will never know the real Great Britain

Susan Harris

Rise of Labour

We spend billions per year on illegal migrants, and our own people live in houses not fit for a dog! Britain has done enough for refugees and illegal migrants over the decades, enough is enough, it has got to stop!

Charlie Parker

Love or hate him Boris Johnson united a squabbling, fractious Tory party into a party that carried the election in the biggest majority in living memory. Four years on and throughout the governments tenure the old fractures and disagreements were never far from the surface.

Along with other issues they combined to destroy Johnson and open the door for a Labour landslide in the next election under the dubious and unpopular Starmer.

The point I'd like to make is the similarities between Johnson and Starmer are uncannily similar. He has managed to unite a warring party with its anti Jewish core, while at the same time pandering to the Muslim and Palestinian factions, and union lobby within the party in a fragile alliance.

In all likelihood they will win and enjoy a whopping record majority. Then the fun will begin. The far left that still have control of the party will be pushing their agendas and squabbling with every other faction pushing their own agendas.

I think the Labour party will enter into civil war early into a new term and will be in every way as ineffective as Johnson and his government.

Like the scorpion trusted to carry an animal over the flood water promising not to sting, but it did sting explaining it could not help its self because it was in its nature.

Like the scorpion the Labour party will turn on its self and destroy its government, they can't help themselves.
Jim Seery

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