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Published: 01/03/2024

- 17:41

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As George Galloway wins in Rochdale and the shocking cost of the Rwanda plan is revealed - you have your say on the topics of the day.

Rwanda plan to cost 370million

It’s alright Yvette Cooper saying that the money spent on the Rwanda plan should be spent “securing our borders” - but people like her don’t want our borders securing. How are we supposed to secure our borders when we send rescue boats into the Channel to bring illegal migrants back into Britain? The two things can’t co-exist: surely it’s one or the other?

Samantha Joyce

If the inability to send a single illegal immigrant to Rwanda and still spend half a billion pounds is not reason enough to sack the Tories at the next election I don’t know what is?

Paul Ruane

The point being missed is that Rwanda is a deterrent and the government don’t want any migrants sent there they were always hoping it would put migrants off coming all together.
It might well have worked if it had been allowed to operate straight away before all the legal challenges. It’s getting less relevant the longer it drags on.


The government spending £500 million to send 3 Home Secretaries to Rwanda? It would’ve been cheaper to send them to the there’s an idea.


George Galloway wins in Rochdale

Galloway only got in because both Tories and Labour are guilty of leaving a vacuum in Rochdale. What a disgraceful way to treat the voters of Rochdale.


It's not a divided reaction. Far be it from me to call out colour but every white English person you spoke to in Rochdale can't understand why he won, there needs to be investigations to which I'm sure there will be if enough people challenge the vote. This vote was for Gaza, not for the people of Rochdale.

Lee from St Austell

Lets get real, this was a very low turnout and Galloway used the situation in Gaza to reach the Muslim electorate, who appear to have voted for him on-mass, by the way Muslims are about to about 19% of the local population, with white being 74%, with the majority being Christian. Muslims are a large minority but they are a minority !!

Frank - Manchester

Rochdale by-election voting statistics; there were 31,107 votes cast, approximately 23,000 were Postal votes which means there were only 8107 In person votes, the government must stop on demand postal voting, because the head of a family can order 5 ballots for his family and fill them all in, and there is no safeguard to stop it happening, and there is no mechanism to check voters authenticity.


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