Sunak didn't take GB News' question today. Here's what we wanted to ask - analysis by Christopher Hope

Sunak didn't take GB News' question today. Here's what we wanted to ask - analysis by Christopher Hope

Rishi Sunak didn't take questions from GB News today

GB News
Christopher Hope

By Christopher Hope

Published: 18/01/2024

- 18:48

Updated: 19/01/2024

- 08:12

GB News' Political Editor Christopher Hope chose his top three questions from viewers about what they would ask the Prime Minister

What would you ask Rishi Sunak or Sir Keir Starmer if you had the chance?

It is question which I often have to ask myself, in my privileged role as Political Editor of GB News.

Today we tried something different and delved into the GB Views email looking at ideas from our viewers to ask the Prime Minister at his press conference on the morning after pushing his Rwanda plan through the House of Commons.

The results of our search were instructive - and show me why it is so often that GB News viewers often have far better and pithier questions to ask our leaders than professional journalists.

Rishi Sunak giving a speech

Rishi Sunak gave a speech earlier this morning following the Rwanda Bill passing its third reading


Here was my top three:

Ernest from Hull hit the nail on the head, pointing out: "If I was in Calais waiting to come to the UK, one of at least 40,000 trying this year, I would not be in the least bit bothered.

"Even if the Rwanda Bill goes through, the UK will only send a maximum of 500-1000 there, so it is still more than worth my while to come. Nobody will be put off. Absolute Madness."

GB News viewer Sandra offered: "Never mind stop the boats, what about the people that are here already?"

Rishi Sunak at Gatwick Airport

Rishi Sunak met with the Border Force at Gatwick Airport earlier today


But my favourite question for the PM was Philip from West Yorkshire who said: "There’s more chance of me winning the lottery than one person being sent to Rwanda. And I don’t do the lottery."

I would have posed that question of Sunak today and then asked him simply: "Do you agree with Philip?"

Sadly, today the PM chose not to call me for a question at his press conference even though I had asked for a question.

Keep watching and listening to GB News.

In this election year we'll do our best to ensure we ask our viewers and listeners for their best questions when we get the chance to quiz our leaders.

Please send them in to, and I will endeavour to ask the best one.

You never know - if your question is good enough it could change the course of the general election.

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