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Drunk British tourist and Tenerife airport

Are British tourists a problem abroad? Have your say in our poll

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Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 04/04/2024

- 06:00

Updated: 04/04/2024

- 20:52

Britons were recently met with anti-tourist graffiti

British tourists flocking to Tenerife over the Easter break were met with horrific anti-tourist graffiti as they arrived for a sunny getaway.

Residents have become irritated with noisy British holidaymakers polluting and littering on the island.

Canary Island locals have also complained that the demand for Airbnbs has driven up the cost of rent which has exacerbated the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Tinerfeños are now putting their feet down as they call for a tourist tax and stricter controls on tourism.

Messages included “Tourists go home” and “Too many guiris”, meaning uncouth foreign tourists.

Remote workers were also targeted with one warning reading: “Locals are forced to move out and YOU are responsible for that… digital nomads you are NOT welcome here.”

However, British tourists have hit back at the graffiti, saying: “F*** off, we pay your wages!”

In an exclusive poll for GB News membership readers, an overwhelming majority (69 per cent) of the 390 voters thought British tourists are a problem abroad, while just 23 per cent thought they are not a problem. Eight per cent said they did not know.

Melissa Taylor, who works in the Giddy Goose English pub in Las Playas de las Americas, called the anti-tourist sentiment “unfair”.

Boats in water in TenerifeTourists have recently received backlash from Tenerife localsPA IMAGES

She said: “Brits come here and spend a lot of money, the overwhelming majority of our customers are from the UK.”

Speaking to GB News, broadcaster Paula London defended British people, saying Britons are “generous” with their money.

London said: “Tenerife is classy now? Never. As I say from the 1890s, Brits have been going there. Classy people are not going to go to Tenerife unless they want to save money.

“But don't want someone going to a bar and nursing a glass of red wine all night, demanding live entertainment. At least the Brits spend money. They are generous abroad. They love a drink.”

Tourists arriving in Tenerife

Tourists arriving in Tenerife

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Speaking to GB News’ Bev Turner, former editor of Labour List, Peter Edwards suggested Britons should show some respect when asked why Britons drink so heavily and get into trouble while on holiday.

He said; “Well, I'm not sure we all do, but it is what it is. This British myth, perhaps?

“Certainly people under the age of 30, starting from your A-levels onwards, go somewhere very hot. You know, it was a pound a pint in my day, maybe it'd be a little bit more now, and then you have a kebab and spew up in the streets, and you can understand why maybe people that live there don't like that very much.

“There's always, I think, tension with tourists. I think the story feels like a bit of myth because when people go away as families, they behave in a different way and there's lots of retirees who go and live in all these places, like the Canaries and Tenerife and Spain, for a quieter life and behave in a respectful way.

“I think it goes back to that word respect. You can go and have a good time. And I certainly went to Greece when I was a student, had a few drinks, but, show some kindness and respect to people who are putting you up.”

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