British public 'are wonderful and generous!' Patrick Christys says 'don't let ANYONE tell you we're an unwelcoming nation!'

Patrick Christys issues a patriotic rallying cry

Patrick Christys issues a patriotic rallying cry

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Published: 18/11/2023

- 09:29

Updated: 18/11/2023

- 12:25

In this members-only video, GB News Presenter Patrick Christys issues a patriotic rallying cry

Patrick Christys has highlighted the fundamental decency of the British people in a video address available exclusively to GB News members.

Speaking from Westminster, the GB News Presenter said: "This is a message of thank you to the wonderful British people. You are an incredibly generous bunch."

"Whenever I have done a couple of fundraisers, one was to the mental health charity Mind, you came out in your droves.

"The most recent one that I've done to raise a bit of money for the Poppy Appeal for the Royal British Legion, you have come out in force."

Highlighting the decency of the patriotic majority in Britain today, Christys said pointed out that: "We are seeing things going on with migrant hotels in loads of towns, cities and villages across the country.

"And it's a testament to British hospitality and the British nature of ourselves that we haven't kicked off about that, despite some of the egregious waste of taxpayer money and the deep seated concerns for public safety in those areas.

"Don't let anyone tell you that we are an unwelcoming or racist nation when we are quite clearly absolutely not. The British public voted for Brexit. They didn't kick off big time when our politicians spent years doing their best to ruin it."

And highlighting the important role of GB News, Patrick Christys also insisted that: "We should be extolling the virtues of British society and our history.

"What GB News has helped to do through people like Nigel Farage is actually shine a light on things that we all thought might be happening but it turns out actually are cancel culture is real, the cultural wars is real."