‘I want to see him knocked out’ - Civil Service forum flooded with violent threats against Nigel Farage

‘I want to see him knocked out’ - Civil Service forum flooded with violent threats against Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage was drenched with milkshake while campaigning in Clacton

Steven Edginton

By Steven Edginton

Published: 24/06/2024

- 19:05

Updated: 24/06/2024

- 20:20

A public forum for publicly paid officials features a string of threats against the Reform UK leader, GB News can reveal

Reform UK Party leader Nigel Farage has been the subject of violent threats on an online forum for civil servants, GB News can reveal.

Threats posted by publicly-paid officials included physical violence such as punching, assault and one commenter even implied they wished to see Mr Farage killed.

A Reddit forum entitled “Civil Service”, which features thousands of posts about Whitehall from people who describe themselves as civil servants, featured a discussion of a GB News story about threats to the Reform leader from officials.

While the forum features many discussions about civil service matters from those purporting to be officials, GB News cannot confirm whether the posters are serving civil servants, and anyone with a Reddit account can make posts on the forum.

Nigel FarageNigel FaragePA

Earlier this month GB News revealed that two Home Office civil servants had overheard colleagues call for violence against Mr Farage.

A tweet from Mr Farage reacting to the story was posted in the forum for civil servants, and read: “The civil service needs to be brought to heel. This culture is getting worse. Drain the swamp”.

In response one person commented: “I suggest that Farage does more airplane [sic] based PR stunts.”

The comment was in reference to a near-fatal accident Mr Farage had in 2010, when he flew in an aeroplane that later crashed featuring a banner urging people to vote Ukip, the party he led at the time.

Nigel Farage

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage


Other posts reacting to Mr Farage’s tweet included: “Would 100% love to see him get knocked out”, “Farage and his ilk should [be] up for high treason with all they've done, and let justice take its course I say”, and “Well he's got my vote. And by vote I mean milkshake” - a reference to an assault on Mr Farage.

Allison Pearson, the commentator and journalist, told GB News: “We’ve already seen two cases of alleged common assault against Nigel Farage during this election campaign.

“Despite this, the leader of Reform continues to bravely engage spontaneously with members of the public unlike Sunak or Starmer.”

“It is shocking, as GB News has revealed, that people on the Government payroll, funded by the British taxpayer, are making vile remarks about Nigel Farage, even including threats of physical violence.

“This casts a shadow over the democratic process. It only confirms our worst fears that the civil service is far from civil and no longer a service to anyone who doesn’t hold left-wing views.”

Mr Farage was recently attacked with a milkshake while campaigning in Clacton, leading to widespread condemnation against political violence from high-profile politicians of all parties.

Another poster concurred with the comment calling for assault against Mr Farage with a milkshake, saying: “Bought a Frijj [milkshake] today. Can't deny it crossed my mind.”

Moreover, commenters described the Reform Party leader as a “loathsome creature”, a “ two bit Trumpleton”, compared him to the Nazis and a “big turd” and said they hoped he failed in his bid to win election in Clacton.

Discussing the GB News story about the Home Office civil servants who called for violence against Mr Farage, one poster on the forum argued the abuse was fine, adding: “People who work in the Home Office are also private citizens.”

“Provided they're not writing anything official, or indeed openly supporting a political party… they can say what they like. Farage is the only swamp dweller here.”

Connor Tomlinson, a commentator from the centre-Right outlet the Lotus Eaters, told GB News: “If the authors are who they claim, then these posts are further evidence that the professed impartiality and non-partisanship of the Civil Service is a pretence and a farce.

“Nigel Farage has been attacked on his 2019 and 2024 election campaigns. It's one thing for Joe Brand to cloak an urge to escalate from milkshakes to battery acid in being just 'a crass and ill-judged' joke.”

“It's another matter for those tasked with enacting government policy to wish him to be injured or dead.

“How are the public supposed to trust Whitehall to carry out the will of elected officials on matters like immigration when they demonstrate murderous contempt for candidates and the portion of the electorate who support them?”

One Reddit commenter questioned why “the hard right hate the civil service”.

They continued: “Why do objectionable f****wits like Rees-Mogg and this clown want to see its demise? If it did collapse, how would the country operate? Is it just scapegoating?”

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