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Published: 04/03/2024

- 18:10

Updated: 05/03/2024

- 13:24

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As the Church of England plans to earmark £100million for a new fund to help repair damage caused by its historic links to slavery and Queen Camilla heads to India for a break from her royal duties, we have a look at some of your views.

Church of England £100m slavery fund

Welby is lacking in any form of leadership. He is more interested in being a politician in the Lords. At a time when churches are financially under the cosh, repairs are urgently needed and congregations dramatically falling, plus the extreme difficulty in attracting new incumbents, the entire focus is on matters which happened 200 years ago.

Before giving away £100m or even considering £1b the funds should be used AT HOME to fix the roof! Whose money is it anyway ? Not that of the bishops.
David Byram

Hi, regarding the slavery funding issues. I think any money should go towards campaigning against slavery still going on in many countries such as India, Africa and some Middle Eastern countries. Our country was the first to abolish the slave trade and we were not the first to begin it! We invested a lot of time and money into the abolishment, I don’t know of any other countries giving funds or apologies.

Church of England or Church of Woke. Have they ever thought about why their churches have hardly any congregations
Jenny Ramsay

The Church Commissioners charity in a report recommended a target of £1bn raised funds to help repair damage caused by the Church of England links to historic slavery. The Church itself has currently earmarked £100m. Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury described the report as the beginning of a multi-generational response.

Where exactly is this money going and to who? Reparation claims are constantly being made by countries where slavery is active today! Instead of tackling the issue everyone is arriving with a begging cap at our door. For decades we have handed over aid and payments to countries. Much of this never reaches the sick. Vulnerable or those affected. Instead it goes to corrupt governments and to militants to cause harm and suffering. A proportion of which is slavery.

When are some people going to wake up.

​Camilla taking a break from royal duties

Must be nice being able to pop off to India for a spa holiday at other peoples - i.e. us the British Public - expense. How many people are experiencing cancer related concerns within the family but have to carry on - go to work etc. And we are supposed to look up to these people - what a laugh.

I'm sure it was last year or the year before where we learnt that Queen Camilla had some health issue where she was 'shaking'. There was concern for her health at that point and she's older now, so she would need to take it much easier than, say, Prince William. Women are more likely to suffer arthritis-related issues as they get older and even if Camilla doesn't herself, she would still need to be more careful going into her mid to late 70s.
The older we get, the more health issues we get, so if she needs time off to recharge her batteries, so be it. I see more of her now in the media than I did before Charles became King, so there must be more pressure on her now and she's not a spring chicken anymore. She is a year or two older than Charles too!!!

What is all the fuss about the Queen being tired having shaken a few hands?
She sits in a limo all day, has her make up done by someone, no need to travel by tube like the rest of us.....or cook or clean... just ride her horses... living the life...everything at her fingertips....
How do you define hard work?
She shakes a few hands and needs a week off?
How long do cleaners, doctors and nurses work without a break?
This is all madness.

Why all the comment about a weeks holiday taken by Queen Camilla? The majority of the people in this country have holidays! What’s so different for the Royals? All the criticism is a waste of air!
Tom Sykes

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