The woke BBC is a DISGRACE and GB News is a breath of fresh air, says RUPERT LOWE

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Rupert Lowe

By Rupert Lowe

Published: 13/11/2023

- 20:51

I dislike everything about the BBC. It stands for all that is wrong with modern day Britain – it’s woke, it’s arrogant and it parasitically feeds off the productive economy in order to justify its own existence.

There is no doubt in my mind that if it were operating in a free and fair market, the organisation wouldn’t last a fortnight.

Many years ago, in a very different era, the BBC served a useful purpose and fulfilled the original Reithian principles upon which it was founded – to inform, educate and entertain. Today, it does none of these.

The entire organisation has been infested with insidious woke ideology, which is now laced across all of its output, most disgracefully to children. An article published recently on the ‘CBBC Newsround’ outlines, without debate, their definition of ‘white privilege’.

It is designed to inculcate impressionable young white people with the view that they should feel guilt because of the colour of their skin. A truly hideous article which shames all involved at the BBC and is racist.

How it claims to be impartial is a mystery to all of us. Any contributor with even a whiff of actual conservatism about them are treated as pariahs, yet those on the left are welcomed with open arms and given an unquestioned platform to spout the approved woke lines.

Genuine free speech is dead on the BBC, its institutional bias makes a fair debate utterly impossible. The organisation does not represent me or tens of millions of other hardworking Brits – so why should we be forced to fund it?

Even if you don’t consume one second of BBC content, we are legally obliged to pay the licence fee if you wish to enjoy other live TV.

People pay good money to enjoy a Premier League game at the weekend, so why on earth are they double-billed to pay the BBC tax? It’s a disgrace and is the only debt for which non-payment can result in prison and a criminal record.

Those who make the reasonable decision to ditch the fee are hounded and abused by the BBC mafia. I recently submitted a Freedom of Information request which showed in just one year the goons bombarded households with 36 milllion licence fee warnings – how many trees were cut down for that?!

Compare all of this wokery to GB News, which oozes common sense and open debate. People from all backgrounds, walks of life and political homes are welcomed. It does everything that the BBC does not and it is privately funded.

No wonder the BBC and organs of the Establishment feel threatened. Ultimately, the market will decide GB News’s fate. If people watch and enjoy GB News, it will thrive and if they don’t, it will collapse. That’s exactly how it should be and it’s a level of accountability that clearly terrifies woke BBC executives.

As a nation we have become like a mature river system – slow flowing. We are exhausted by the multi-generational fight for individualism against collectivist forces whether they were from Europe, (Napoleonic, 1st/2nd world wars, EU) Russia (communism), Korea, China or indeed latterly the malign forces intent on creating a Global, one size fits all, Government.

It is difficult to see what will trigger rejuvenation with a recidivist monopoly such as the BBC dripping self-doubt and division into our bloodstream.

GB News offers the majority of sensible fair minded British people, particularly the young, the opportunity to sidestep a BBC which has become a threat to our national cohesiveness.

They are a divisive monopoly and if Reith was marking their homework he would rightly be critical of their partisan arrogance. GB News is to the media, what The Reform Party is to politics – an overdue breath of fresh air.

* Rupert Lowe is a prominent British businessman and former Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands

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