Women in their 50s can burn belly fat by avoiding a dieting trend that is ‘never healthy’

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Women over 50 should be careful not to omit certain food groups from their diet

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 05/03/2024

- 18:13

Updated: 05/03/2024

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Diet plays a vital role in tackling weight loss during menopause

Menopause is a transition period in a woman’s life when her period ceases, causing a significant metabolic upheaval.

As healthy ageing and menopause garner more and more interest in science, researchers are uncovering new ways to approach weight loss in your 50s. Their findings indicate that dieting trends like undereating may not be a sustainable solution.

Fluctuations in hormones can have a significant impact on the way the body stores fat during menopause, resulting in a middle-aged spread that afflicts many women.

Scientific advances have found certain food groups like carbohydrates essential for helping women navigate hormonal shifts during menopause.

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Cutting out carbohydrates could hinder efforts to lose weight


Ekam Grewal, PT & Director of Body by Ekam, warns GB News readers that cutting out entire food groups is ill-advised for menopausal women.

“It’s never healthy or sustainable to cut out food groups such as carbs for a long period of time,” explained the expert.

The reasons for this are wide-ranging. Firstly, bone health declines around menopause due to a downfall of oestrogen, and carbohydrates are essential for the metabolism of bones.

The British Menopause Society adds: “It’s essential that menopausal woman consume carbohydrates, especially while increasing physical activity levels.”

What's more, a lack of carbohydrates can lead to lean muscle mass loss, which is counterproductive to lose weight.

According to Grewal, another grave dieting mistake to avoid over the age of 50 is undereating.

“Many women drop their calories down to 1,200 straight away which is not sustainable or effective long term,” the expert explained.

This doesn't mean women shouldn't lower their calorie intake slightly. One thing they are encouraged to do is pay attention to the “hidden calories” in condiments, sauces and oils.

Grewal added: “You can eat more often in the day than you think. A lot of people are snackers so I find that eating five times a day helps me stay on track more than only having three meals a day.”

Protein should also feature widely in these snacks, as it helps satiate hunger for longer, which is more conducive to long-term weight loss.


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Calorie-counting is ill-advised for menopausal women


Eating healthy fats like avocado and olive oil may also become increasingly influential in weight loss as the body ages.

Overall, the more diverse a woman’s diet is during menopause, the better her gut health will be. This will eventually positively impact weight.

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