Tesco: All the changes shoppers will see as new feature rolled out in 100 stores

Tesco screen at checkout

Tesco has put in protective screens at checkouts

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 04/10/2023

- 09:15

Updated: 11/10/2023

- 15:45

Tesco has changed screens at supermarket checkouts and made updates to popular food items

Tesco has introduced new features in stores and updated popular products.

The array of changes will have been noticed by shoppers over the last few weeks.

The supermarket has announced more than 110 Tesco stores will now have protective screens at checkouts as a safety measure for staff.

The rollout has started in Express stores and petrol stations, with the update planned to go into more than 250 more stores.

Fresh fruit and veg farmer

Tesco UK CEO Jason Tarry said: “The rise in retail crime has been widely talked about in recent weeks, but the most troubling aspect is the surge in assaults and abuse we have seen against our colleagues in stores.

“This is something impacting the whole retail industry, and something too many of my colleagues have had to endure first-hand, with incidents of violence against our colleagues up by a third year-on-year.

“The safety of our colleagues is our number one priority.

"That is why we have rolled out a number of measures, including these screens, to help protect our colleagues from the small minority of people who would do them harm, and offer them additional peace of mind when they come into work each day.”

The supermarket giant made a huge service update in nearly 100 stores.

It launched a new dedicated service for shoppers to help them pick the right skin care for their particular needs.

Sections in stores will act as a one stop shop with various skin conditions clearly labelled, such as sensitive face, normal to dry skin and very dry skin.

Tesco updated packaging on its most popular food items this week.

It has started to add air fryer cooking instructions to packaging so shoppers know how to safely cook their food.

Tesco packaging

Air fryer cooking instructions were added to food items


Chilled and frozen own brand items will have the updated packaging as air fryers become more popular in the UK.

Tesco has revamped its speciality breads and sweet products with the aim of giving a more premium experience.

Nearly 30 new items have been introduced as part of the redesign.

Packaging was also updated to include nutritional information.

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