'Say goodbye forever!' Women over 50 told to avoid trouser style that 'you don't want anybody to see'

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Women over 50 have been given some style advice

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 15/06/2024

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Elastic waistbands may be comfy but they are far from chic, says a style influencer

Our personal style tends to change as we age, with many women choosing comfort over style in their more mature years.

However, according to one fashion influencer, there are some things women over 50 simply should not wear - or at least be seen to wear. Middle-aged ladies might want to forgo trousers with elastic waistbands.

Nancy Queen from Shopping On Champagne told women over 50 which fashion items and trends they should "say goodbye to forever".

No one can dispute that elastic waistbands can make an outfit exponentially more comfortable. However, they run the risk of making you look older than you are. A structured, fitted waistband may be more youthful.

Trousers hanging up in clothes shop

Women over 50 have been told to go for more structured, fitted trousers


Nancy Queen said: "I do love elastic waistbands, but the trick is you don't want anybody to see them. They just are a 'no' in your wardrobe."

For ladies who don't want to chuck out all of their comfy trousers, Nancy suggested a simple hack.

She said: "If you're going to wear an elastic waistband, wear a top that you can tuck in slightly and let the rest billow, or tie a knot in the bottom if you're wearing a button-down top."

Alternatively, pick a T-shirt or shirt that is long enough to cover the elastic waist - no one will suspect a thing.

"If you're going to wear an elastic waistband - which I understand, sometimes you just need to be comfortable - just hide it. Nobody needs to know that you're wearing elastic," the fashionista advised.

Blog Dressing Your Truth is inclined to agree. In a blog post about fashion over 50, writer Carol Tuttle said: "Ladies, I know they’re comfortable, but they will age you instantly. If you absolutely love them and don’t want to give them up, that waistband must be hidden!"

The style enthusiast advised opting for tie-waist trousers instead. These tend to be a high-waist option, and they have a noticeable waistband that is intentional.

She said: "Women of all body types could easily pull off this style. You can still achieve amazing comfort and a defined waist without risking an unflattering fashion."

In a similar vein, Nancy advised chucking away clothes that "do not fit properly". She suggested either taking them to a tailor or donating or selling them, replacing the item with something that fits well.

Nancy Queen shared some more style tips for women in their 50s and beyond.


Trousers with elastic waistband

'I do love elastic waistbands, but the trick is you don't want anybody to see them'


According to the style enthusiast, women over 50 should also "say goodbye" to a warm clothing item that "does nothing for their figure".

She also pointed out a mistake women make when they're getting ready, claiming that "nothing looks worse" than it.

Women over 50 should stop a very bad habit when it comes to nail polish.

In other anti-ageing news, women may be able to "knock 10 years off their appearance" with a simple colour trick.

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