Women over 50 can 'turn heads everywhere they go' with 'magic' haircut that flatters the face

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Middle-aged women can totally transform themselves with a few haircut hacks

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 01/06/2024

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According to a hairstylist, adding layers to your hair can work wonders

Many women opt for shorter hairstyles as they mature because they hope this sort of chop will give their faces a lifted illusion.

However, according to hairstylist Glam Girl Gabi, women in their 50s and beyond can rock long hair if they ask for a few specific things on their next trip to the salon. In a YouTube video, she demonstrated the perfect wash and cut.

The hairstylist claimed that a specific long haircut will "turn heads everywhere you go".

First, it's important to wash the hair correctly. Hair that is light in colour - blonde or grey - can develop a yellow tinge over time.

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'You give the hair loads of movement, which in turn leads to a tonne of volume, which then gives more width to the hair'

YouTube / Glam Girl Gabi

In order to offset this, Gabi recommended using a purple shampoo once or twice per week, as it "neutralises" the yellow. Gabi said: "Essentially what it does is it turns yellowy white hair into a very cool, icy colour.

For wiry or dry hair, the expert recommended investing in a butter mask or something "nourishing" to top your conditioner up with once or twice a week.

Next, it's time for the gorgeous haircut. Even if you want long locks, there's no point holding on to hair that's "doing nothing for you". It's time to say goodbye to "straggly" hair and split ends - "it doesn't make your hair look longer, it just makes it look worse".

Once the split ends are all gone, Gabi said that a flattering technique is to cut the hair straight from the sides. This creates a subtle "U" shape.

For Gabi, the most important part of the over 50s haircut is the layering. The expert said: "Here's where the magic happens - in the layers.

"When you add a lot of layers you do a few things. You give the hair loads of movement, which in turn leads to a tonne of volume, which then gives more width to the hair.

"When you break up that really dragged down line with movement and width, it gives the illusion that there is more width in the face. Width equals volume and volume equals youthfulness.

"You're essentially using hair to contour. You're doing a contouring technique. When your hair is all layered and contoured and giving you cheekbones and snatching you up and really flattering you around the eyes, you can wake up and look great just with a little bit of styling."

However, if you have hair that is "dragging the face down" and "casting shadows", you need far more makeup to achieve a great end result.

As for how to achieve the perfect layering look, they should all be "connected", although the layers on the top should be shorter to "maximise volume potential".


Shorter layers around the face will also frame the face and give a lifted illusion.

In other hair news, women over 50 can look younger instantly with a speedy hair hack.

A hair expert shared the thicker, fuller hairstyle will make you look younger than straight hair will.

Ladies can also take years off by updating the way they dress. Women over 50 have been told to "ditch" a shoe that makes them look "frumpier".

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